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Straight Herself, Shubham Mehrotra Blends 50 Shades Of Gay Into Her Life Story


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The Advocate Magazine, USA- 'Explore India's 50 Shades of Gay'

The Telegraph, Calcutta, 18th September '16

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gay star news, GSN, India, grassroots campaign, Mumbai, Shubham mehrotra, journalist, filmmaker, FSOG, fifty shades of gay, India, UK
Gay Star News, UK- 'Grassroots campaign started in India to counter homophobia'


The malaysian times, TMT, asia, LGBT, gaysi, desi, gay, shubham mehrotra, LGBTQIA, empower, awareness
The Malaysian Times, Kuala Lumpur- ‘50 Shades of Gay rises to change India’s perception on LGBTQ '


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Mid-day Mumbai- 'New campaign for LGBT people to tell their stories'


bombay, gaybombay, lgbt, mumbai, delhi, homophobia, shubham mehrotra, founder, LGBTQIA, india
BSJ- 'How 50 Shades of Gay is Empowering Mumbai’s LGBTs'


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