Indya Moore: Elle’s First Transgender Cover star

Indya Moore: Elle’s First Transgender Cover star

Indya Moore’s latest major moment is truly a feather in their hat.  Having appeared as the face of Louis Vuitton, as well as Calvin Kline, the Pose star is now the first trans person to appear on the cover of the American version of Elle. The 24-year-old, who plays Angel on the landmark series, is Elle’s June Cover Star. Furthermore, they are the first transgender person to accomplish this. Indya Moore prefers using the pronoun they/them.

Louis Vuitton has embraced them not only as a model but an ambassador, having them host its show at Paris Fashion Week and wear its designs during awards season. This achievement is a huge step forward for Indya Moore. It’s something Moore has been working toward through their entire life and career.


“Thank you for having me as your first experience covering a trans person”, Moore wrote to Elle in a tweet. “I know I will not be the last. So excited to see Elle leverage their platform to help other talent of trans [experience] find visibility, and the safe space to be acknowledged and vulnerable in this powerful way”.

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Being free

Indya Moore expresses that they just want to be free.

“I don’t know how to have fun, I don’t know what my favourite restaurant [is],” they said. “When I’m around people having conversations about their day, I’m looking at them, like, ‘What could they possibly be talking about? How are not talking about deconstructing white supremacy right now? How are we not trying to save trans people?’ I don’t know who I am outside of someone who’s just trying to be free and find safety for myself and for others”.

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Many trans and queer people have rather tragic stories to share. They are tragic tales that involve violence, poverty and sometimes exploitation. Moore’s tale includes it all.


“A lot of times, when parents over-discipline their children, especially when they’re queer, their intention isn’t to hurt them”, Moore said. “They think they’re saving their children from harm. But they don’t realize that they’re causing harm, that they’re doing to their kids exactly what they’re afraid of the world doing to them”.

“I knew I had a chance to teach the world something that would help more people to be safe,” they told the magazine.

Even more, with a major fashion magazine cover, and seemingly endless opportunity on the horizon, Moore is sure to keep teaching ― and inspiring ― many.


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