Masturbation And The Indian Woman

Masturbation And The Indian Woman

Masturbation was new and scary to Reema. The fact that she wasn’t very good with gadgets made things a little worse.
Her new bright-pink vibrator lay there, waiting to be used.

A hundred questions popped up in her head simultaneously as she tried to figure out what each button did.

First, the lights went dim. She tried to set the mood appropriately, lighting a candle by the bedside.

The nightgown came off and the sheets came on – covering her bare curiosity along with her body. Her legs and her mind opened themselves now to new possibilities.

Exploration commenced into an unknown terrain starting with her own touch and then setting the stage for her vibe.

A few minutes and a few moments of dizziness later, the faint electric buzz died down and her breathing steadied.

She had just masturbated, and she liked it. No one had seen her. No one knew what she had done. Her pleasure was her own to enjoy, as was her guilt.

So how many women in India masturbate ?

Let DUREX answer all your questions about Sex.

Gone are the days when notions like “women don’t watch porn” or “women don’t masturbate” dominated public discourse.

Pornhub’s annual analytics had some encouraging news for Indian female porn consumers.

“The Lesbian category remains the most popular among women in 2017, world over, viewed 197% more by women than men this year,” quotes their annual statistic.

Indian female porn viewers have gone up by 129% in 2017.

Pornhub stats

India is not the masturbation-shy country it once was. The land of the Kamasutra has opened itself to experimentation.

According to the India Today Sex Survey, a country where 75% people claimed not to masturbate back in 2003 saw that percentage plummet to 35% last year.

Proportion of female visitors on Pornhub in 2017

India’s legislative forces have found themselves perennially shuffling their feet when dealing with the country’s sexual fabric.

Interestingly, in 2017, it was revealed that Punjabi women buy the most sex toys in India.

We know more people are masturbating. Question is, how many of them are women and how “okay” are they, leave alone society, with it?

The percentage of people who say they don't masturbate is down to 35% [India Today Sex Survey 2018]

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Vitamin Stree Sheds Light On Flicking The Bean

Vitamin Stree’s latest video gives an insight into the world of Female masturbation, in India, where the M word is rarely discussed, let alone when talked about women. Sexual intercourse is an essential aspect of the human experience. However, sexual desires and pleasures have long been notoriously taboo topics in the Indian sphere, and even more so when it comes to the female sexual experience. Conversations about women’s desires and their quest for sexual pleasure have always taken place in hushed whispers, in closed rooms. But these whispers are steadily getting louder.

Recent studies have shown a significant increase in the number of Indians admitting to masturbating and being open about it in conversations. While several women in India use DIY methods to pleasure themselves, the booming sex toys market clearly indicates a growing interest in experimenting with new devices as well, including vibrators, dildos, and kegel balls! Moreover, as more and more women are exploring their bodies, they aren’t shying away from taking aid of female-centric porn, which treats women as subjects of pleasure, rather than objects.

India is not the masturbation-shy country it once was. The dialogue around owning and understanding one’s body, and the right to self-pleasure, is evolving. This video attempts to give an overview of the Indian female’s quest for sexual pleasure.

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