Mumbai Photo Journalist, Anushree Fadnavis shares Transgender stories exclusively for FSOG

Mumbai Photo Journalist, Anushree Fadnavis shares Transgender stories exclusively for FSOG

When you see her for the first time, in a local train compartment, typing away at her phone, 28 year old Anushree Fadnavis looks just like any other commuter on Mumbai’s “lifeline”- the local trains. However, strike a conversation with her and you’ll realise there’s much more to her, and probably end up on the photoseries she chronicles under the “Train Diaries”.

Every day that she steps onto a train, she finds a multitude of vivid stories that are up for grabs for anyone who wants to listen. From the children who liven up the ladies’ compartments to the transgender commuters, she has met, and photographed, them all. Using her iPhone to capture these stories, she believes everyone has a story and wishes to turn her series into a book someday.

On 11th June 2016, Anushree took over FSOG’s social media and shared a bunch of stories about the transgender commuters she’s met over the years on trains. She shared a glimpse into the life of Miss Preeti Pintu and Miss Pinky, sisters who have been in Mumbai since they were born and earn their livelihood in the trains.

Preeti and Pinky

She touched upon a different side of the eunuchs by photographing Anita with an angel tattoo she calls her angel.

Anita, angel tattoo

Anushree even shared with FSOG the story of Khushboo, a regular on the trains who has worked in movies such as Jodha Akbar and the tv show Fear Files and loves posing for pictures.

FSOG train diaries

The dark side of their lives came to light as Roshni (18) who earns her income by blessing newborns relied with a “Who will hire us?” when asked if she’d be up for a change of job.

Train diaries FSOG

However, meeting 26 year old Nisha put a smile on her face as she shared that although she has to beg and even resort to prostitution to survive, she has met some beautiful people along the way who value human life and see hijras as no different from themselves.

Nisha FSOG

It was a pleasure collaborating with Anushree and getting an insight into the world of the hijras of Mumbai local. Find her series #traindiaries on Instagram to look at more of her work.

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