Pick Your ‘Shipname’ for LGBT Icons ‘Pennywise’ and ‘The Babadook’

Pick Your ‘Shipname’ for LGBT Icons ‘Pennywise’ and ‘The Babadook’

‘Pennydook’ or ‘Babawise’ pick your shipname and get ready for 2017’s most loved Gay Icons.

The Babadook took the internet and the LGBT community by storm when Netflix added the horror movie, ‘The Babadook’ as an LGBT movie but the internet didn’t care and added two and two together.



The fact that he lived in a closet, wears fabulous hats and created a pop-up book of himself was all the more reason for people to make him a Gay Icon. Although it may play to a few gay stereotypes, the internet loved ‘The Babadook’  too much to care.

Once this happened, the memes flooded the internet! Here are a few hilarious ones that you have to check out.







Before we knew it, The Babadook was already being shipped with ‘IT’s Pennywise. This was all started with (Kumivenart) posted a picture of Pennywise and Babadook together on Halloween “eating crepes and terrorizing kids”. Kumi never expected the twitter the post to go viral but people seemed to love the “IT” couple.



It wasn’t long before fans started dressed up as The Babadook for Pride and events like RuPaul’s Drag Race


Miles Jai dressed as ‘The Babadook’ for the Season Finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race


Written By – Shreyanka Thejaswi 


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