Play Your Part | FSOG #YourVoiceMatters

Play Your Part | FSOG #YourVoiceMatters

Dear FSOG readers,

We invite you to participate in a body of research studying the impact that criminalization of homosexuality has on the psychological well-being gap between homosexuals and heterosexuals.
Mouthful? I know.
In simple terms, there is a bit of a scarcity of research studying the direct impact of laws regarding homosexuality on the community. This is surprising considering the fact that this is one of today’s most pressing matters.

The current research being carried out aims to consolidate the difference that decriminalization can make, and the results can make a big impact, especially in countries like India, where homosexuality is considered a crime.

All each of you is requested to do is to fill out the following questionnaire, and share it with friends, both homosexual and heterosexual. Respondents from all over the world are encouraged to enter, regardless of your country’s laws.

Click here to fill out the questionnaire.

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