Shake With Abhishek Ft. Anwesh Sahoo

Shake With Abhishek Ft. Anwesh Sahoo

There is only one day to go for the release of the debut episode of Shake with Abhishek and we really can’t control our excitement. Shake with Abhishek is the newest talk show in town and is hosted by Abhishek Aggarwal. It is Scroll Lab’s most awaited web series where the host gets up close and personal with guests from all walks of life. Moreover, the guest and the host will go head to head in a lot of fun games and challenges which will be interesting to watch for the viewers.

Abhishek started off in Scroll Lab by going on the streets of Bangalore and interviewing people about topics that were trending on the internet. Not only that, the team went to unique restaurants across the city to know what was the inspiration behind starting them. However, he always wanted to have his own talk-show. “I grew up watching and enjoying Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen. It was always fascinating to see how big these people were that they could meet celebrities and play interesting games and chat with them. Since then it became my dream to start my own talk show. Scroll Lab gave me the opportunity to do so and this feeling is absolutely amazing,” said Abhishek.

Through this web series, Abhishek and the full team of Scroll Lab want to showcase a progressive India on one of the biggest platforms in the world, Youtube. In this series they will be interviewing a lot of influencers, upcoming celebrities, and known personalities. The first episode which is releasing tomorrow featured the youngest winner of Mr. Gay World India, Anwesh Sahoo. “Even though laws are changing and Sec 377 got abolished, it is important to change the mentality of the people. Hence, we got one of the biggest voices in the LGBT community to be our guest in the debut episode. It shows Anwesh in his natural habitat, being all quirky and hilarious. I hope the audience finds it as funny as we did while we were shooting,” said Abhishek.


Watch the full episode of Shake with Abhishek, which will be releasing on the 15th of December featuring Anwesh Sahoo on Scroll Lab’s Youtube channel.


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