Terry Crews Said Children Of Same-Sex Parents are ‘Severely Malnourished’

Terry Crews Said Children Of Same-Sex Parents are ‘Severely Malnourished’

Actor Terry Crews apologized Sunday after tweeting a day earlier that children raised by same-sex parents are “severely malnourished” when it comes to love.

It all started on Feb. 24 when Crews criticized a New York Times opinion piece by human rights lawyer Derecka Purnell titled “Why Does Obama Scold Black Boys?” Purnell’s argument is basically that Obama and others shouldn’t lecture black boys on pulling up their pants and acting right when he and others do nothing to change social policies that keep black communities poor and subject to violence.


In response to her article, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor tweeted, “If a successful black man can’t advise the black male youth of the next generation, who will? THE STREET. That’s who.”

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He continued, “Another thing that bothers me is that this OP-ED was written by a WOMAN about how boys should be taught to grow into successful young men. How would she know? MEN NEED TO HOLD OTHER MEN ACCOUNTABLE. Women can speak with us. Just not FOR US.”

In a tweet since deleted, he added: “I have reiterated many times that same-sex couples and single parents can successfully raise a child.”

“But I believe paternal AND maternal love is like vitamins and minerals to humanity. No matter where you get that paternal and maternal love. My purpose is to give paternal love.”

When another user replied, “love is not gendered. A child will not starve with only one gender loving them.”

“But they will be severely malnourished,” this was Crews’s response.


Crews later half-apologized for the now-deleted tweet, writing, “I apologize to anyone who was hurt by my ‘severely malnourished’ tweet. It was in response to someone who said kids wouldn’t ‘starve.’ It was poorly worded so I deleted it.”

A commenter called Crews “a misogynist, homophobic *sshole,” and Crews responded, “You apparently thought I was your puppet. But I have a mind of my own and can see and think very clearly. The ‘phobic’ tag is the most feared public tag next to racist. I don’t fear it because I am neither. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.”

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