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Cardinal hosts LGBT prayer service in cathedral featuring Drag Queen, Conchita Wurst 

Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn co-hosted a homosexual-themed prayer service in his cathedral earlier this month for World Aids Day. The event in St. Stephen’s Cathedral included speeches given by a world-famous ‘drag queen’ and a homosexual activist from the pulpit within the sanctuary.


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Donald Trump has endorsed extreme homophobe Roy Moore’s bid for the Senate, despite allegations of sexual assault and child molestation.

The disgraced ex-judge was ejected from the Alabama Supreme Court for abusing his authority in a bid to block gay weddings. He has previously compared gay sex to bestiality and paedophilia, and has ties to ‘death to gays’ preachers.

If elected, Moore would be the most homophobic Senator in modern history.


BIRMINGHAM, AL - NOVEMBER 16: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore waits to speak during a news conference with supporters and faith leaders, November 16, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. Moore refused to answer questions regarding sexual harassment allegations and pursuing relationships with underage women. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)




Wes Goodman: Anti-LGBT Republican politician ‘caught having sex with man in his office’ facing 30 sexual misconduct

An anti-LGBT Republican politician who was allegedly caught having sex with a man in his office is facing more than 30 accusations of sexual misconduct.

Wes Goodman, a state legislator for Ohio, has already been forced to resign after a witness to the reported extramarital affair told the Ohio House Chief of Staff.

But now Mr Goodman is facing a host of complaints after alleged victims shared screengrabs of conversations with right-leaning news website the Independent Journal Review.  Click here to read more.

LGBT community in Turkey fears government crackdown

Turkey’s LGBT community says the government’s banning of LGBT events is not only an illegal curtailing of personal freedoms but further proof of the government’s anti-secular agenda, with some saying they are increasingly worried for their safety.

Respondents to a Guardian callout said they thought Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was waging a war against them, and they felt a change in mood towards their community across the country – including in areas where they had previously enjoyed personal freedom. Click here to read more.

Young LGBTI People Are Invisible In Australia’s Homelessness Crisis

The public has voted in favour of marriage equality, but the right to marry is only one piece of the puzzle. Everyone is talking about walking down the aisle; however, the reality is that LGBTI youth are sleeping on the streets.

The debate on marriage equality has sparked new heights of LGBTI activism throughout the country. Yet the vote, which was non-binding, non-compulsory and cost $122 million, eclipsed our attention and financial resources from other areas of advocacy.

In 2014, the General Social Survey in Australia found that 34% lesbian and gay people and 21% of people with “other” sexual orientations had once recorded being homeless, compared to 13% of heterosexuals. There is no data being collected on how many homeless youth identify as LGBTI, but practitioner accounts indicate a high figure. In Canada, the UK, and the United States, reports have shown that 25-40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTI. Click here to read more.

China’s Public Hospitals Are Still Electroshocking LGBT People

China’s government is failing to crack down on conversion therapy, a dangerous and abusive practice that aims to forcibly turn gay people straight, Human Rights Watch said in a report released this week.

Seventeen people interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they had been subjected to electroshocks, been confined against their will, and had medication forced on them. Most of those people endured the treatment at hospitals overseen by China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission, the top healthcare regulator in the country. Click here to read more.

Anti-LGBT Crimes in Russia Has Double Since ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

Hate crimes against LGBT people in Russia have doubled since the nation’s adoption of its “gay propaganda” law in 2013, according to a new study.

The study, released Tuesday by the Center for Independent Social Research in St. Petersburg, analyzed 250 crimes, 200 of which were murders, Reuters reports. The Reuters article did not provide annual figures for crimes, simply saying they had doubled. It did note that the number of sentences for anti-LGBT hate crimes had also increased, to 65 in 2015 from 18 in 2010. Most of the victims were gay men. Click here to read more.


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