Watch: This Vicks Ad About Trans Acceptance Will Make You Tear Up

Cold and cough brand, Vick’s new advertisement is celebrating motherhood beyond biological ties, normalising trans parenting.

The advertisement is based on the real-life story of a Mumbai- based transgender named Gauri Sawant who adopted Gayatri after her mother succumbed to HIV-AIDS, featuring them as well.

It begins with a young girl returning to her boarding school after spending holiday with her mother, and recounting her younger days of growing up. She fondly recounts how her mother will be upset to know that she wants to become a lawyer and not a doctor. Later in the video, it is revealed that the mother is actually a transgender woman who adopted she was orphaned after the death of her birth mother. The daughter asks an important question – “It is written in Civics book that basic rights are same for every person, then why not my mother?”

Watch this beautiful video:

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