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10 LGBTQIA+ Romance Books to Warm Your Heart  

Romance books have long been admired for their ability to portray the enchantment of love, from the initial spark of attraction to the promise of a happily ever after. While many romantic stories involve traditional male-female relationships, the landscape of love is broad. And readers should be able to see themselves reflected in the stories they read. That’s where LGBTQIA+ romance books come in. Providing a wide range of love stories that appeal to people of all genders and sexual orientations. Here are some lovely LGBTQIA+ novels that will flood your heart with love:  

“Dykette” by Jenny Fran Davis:

Join Sarah and Jesse on a holiday getaway filled with secrets, infatuation, and questions about the future in this captivating tale. The two twenty somethings find themselves invited to a country home by a pair of older, richer lesbian. What begins as an innocuous trip turns into a journey of self-discovery. And unexpected emotions as they navigate the complexities of their budding relationships.  

“We Could Be So Good” by Cat Sebastian:

Experience the late 1950s as Andy and Nick manage cultural norms and form a friendship that could lead to something more in the newsroom. In the midst of a changing society, Andy Fleming, pressed by his newspaper mogul father, finds respite. And maybe love with plucky reporter Nick Russo. They must fight the prejudices of their period and muster the fortitude to pursue their true desires. 

“The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen” by KJ Charles:

Explore the secluded Romney Marsh with Gareth and Joss as they face challenges and make decisions from their last tryst. Gareth Inglis, the inheritor of an estate, becomes involved with Joss Doomsday, a gang leader on the Mars; as they reconnect after a passionate encounter years before. Their reunion sets off a voyage of rediscovery and reconnection, despite the challenges and perils of their circumstances. 

“That Summer Feeling” by Bridget Morrissey:

Discover a journey of new beginnings and surprising connections at an adult sleepaway camp. Garland Moore, seeking a new beginning after a difficult divorce, finds herself captivated to Mason and his sister Stevie. As she navigates her emotions and relationships at camp, Garland begins on a journey of self-discovery, trust. And the potential of new love. 

“You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty” by Akwaeke Emezi:

Experience a frantic summer of sunny beaches and bright futures as Feyi Adekola returns to the dating scene. Five years after a horrific tragedy Feyi is pulled to a new love interest, resulting in a summer of adventure, passion, and renewed hope for the future. 

“Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman:

Follow Charlie and Nick’s romantic romance as they face the hardships of an all-boys school and rugby competition. After coming out, Charlie finds solace and an increasing romance in the company of rugby player Nick. Their path of self-acceptance and love takes place against the backdrop of school life and societal expectations. 

“So This Is Ever After” by F.T. Lukens:

Join Arek in fulfilling a prophecy to save a kingdom while navigating the intricacies of selecting a bride. As the newly anointed king of Ere, Arek is under pressure to find a marriage by his 18th birthday or incur a curse. Amidst the obstacles of monarchy and destiny, Arek must balance love, duty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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“Right Where I Left You” by Julian Winters:

Enjoy the thrills of Legend Con and Teen Pride as Isaac and Diego juggle friendship and previous crushes. As Isaac prepares to depart for college, he arranges one final journey with his closest buddy Diego, which leads to unforeseen challenges and revelations that put their friendship and affections for each other to the test. 

“Lakelore” by Anna-Marie McLemore:

Discover a world beneath the lake with Bastián and Lore as they confront mysteries and learn to trust again. Bastián and Lore, the only ones who have seen the rumoured realm beneath the lake, must confront their history and emotions as the worlds above and below collide, ushering in a voyage of rediscovery, forgiveness, and the power of love. 

“One Last Stop” by Casey McQuiston:

Enjoy a wonderful encounter on a New York City tube as August and Jane’s friendship transcends time. August meets Jane on a tube train, only to learn that she appears to be stuck in time, transferred from the 1970s. As August assists Jane in navigating her unusual dilemma, they go on a voyage of love, discovery, and the power of connection. 

“Felix Ever After” by Kacen Callender:

Follow Felix Love, a Black, queer, and transgender youngster, on his journey of self-discovery and negotiating a complex love triangle. Felix worries about finding love and acceptance as he navigates his identity, which leads to unforeseen problems and disclosures as he becomes entangled in a complex web of emotions and relationships.  

Finally, LGBTQIA+ romance books not only celebrate all forms of love, but they also provide readers with representation and validation if they see themselves reflected in these stories. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming story of love at first sight, a voyage of self-discovery, or the difficulties of negotiating relationships, there’s a romance to suit you.  

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