10th Annual Pride Parade at Delhi in Pictures

10th Annual Pride Parade at Delhi in Pictures

Every year our hearts swells with pride, (Ha! get it?) for the love that is poured out at Pride. The 10th annual Pride parade at Delhi had a massive turn out despite the smog in the city.

An outpouring of love was seen as the celebration started at 2pm and went through to Jantar Mantar.

A statement from the organisers of the Pride parade said: “We march against the oppressive attacks and varied forms of discrimination visited upon hijras, kothis, transwomen, transmen, lesbian, gay, intersex and sexually nonconforming, bisexual, multisexual, pansexual, asexual people and our allies in public and private spaces.”

Here is a glimpse of the Delhi Pride.







Delhi Pride was everything pride is supposed to be and what it stands for. The next big city to celebrate the 10th annual Pride parade is Bengaluru, scheduled on November 26th.

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