14 Year Old Girl Raped By Stepfather Because “She Deserved To Be Raped For Being A Lesbian”

14 Year Old Girl Raped By Stepfather Because “She Deserved To Be Raped For Being A Lesbian”

A 14-year-old lesbian girl in Chile has been allegedly raped by her stepfather and beaten by her biological father saying that she deserved to be raped “for being a lesbian”.

She kept quiet about this for over a year but in December the girl told her partner, who is 16 years old, that her stepfather raped her a year before in the home she was living with her mother.

On January 14, along with her partner, she confronted her mother and explained everything happened to her and requested her to take action. But instead of taking any action and reporting the incident to the police, her mother sent the daughter to live with her biological father knowing that he has an orthodox mentality and a staunch bible-believer and also has a history of assaulting her because of her sexual orientation.

According to Chile’s LGBT organization, Movilh (Movement of Homosexual Integration and Liberation), her evangelical Christian father allegedly has kept the girl detained illegally. He also stopped her from speaking to anyone and beat her with a leash. While beating her, he claimed that she deserved to be raped because of being a lesbian and he was beating her with a leash to “get the bad out”.


The organization took the matters in their own hands after receiving the complaint and contacted their lawyer, Monica Arias to help with the case. According to Monica Arias, the girl has been removed from her father’s home safely and taken into the police custody for the medical examination while the Prosecutor’s office has ordered precautionary measures to be taken from the Family court.

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In the meantime, the mother of the girl’s 16-year-old partner has offered for the girl to live with them as they are the only one who has given her any affection and always supported her for her sexual orientation.

“The victim’s partner, happily, has the support of their mother, who is willing to take custody of the girl,” Movilh said in the statement.

Movilh also reached out to the Children’s Ombudsman Office in Chile seeking their help and they came through. According to Monica Arias, the Children’s Ombudsman office will intervene in court in favour of the girl. Movilh’s leader, Rolando Jiménez, said, “We deeply value the concern of the Children’s Ombudsman’s Office to help a girl who is a lesbian and injured at such a younger age.


“The girl has suffered immense abuse. We feel that by working together with Children’s Ombudsman’s office, we will soon be able to find some solution that will help the girl in leaving this unfortunate incident behind her and lead her life in a normal way.”

The LGBT organization also said that they won’t back off until the girl permanently leaves her father’s house and any action taken against him and the stepfather for raping and beating the girl.

While Chileans overwhelmingly support LGBTI rights, violence is still an issue there.

Chile currently offers civil partnerships to same-sex couples. The previous president introduced a bill to legalize love but the new Chilean president recently stated legalizing same-sex marriage is not a priority. But LGBTI people regularly face discrimination and violence in Chile.


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