20+ True to Heart LGBT+ Gifs that are Perfect for all Your Moods

20+ True to Heart LGBT+ Gifs that are Perfect for all Your Moods

I know that words are never enough. I know you hate reading sometimes and wished I could deliver all the information in the world in 3 words or less. And I also know you will absolutely adore the fact that I am cutting out on your reading through these LGBT+ Gifs. Come, my queer fellow beings, let’s make a mood board!

Let’s start from the basics. The Gifs to send or show at the Homophobes and Transphobes. The LGBTQ+ is not against God, against equality, against parenthood, against safe sex. We are neither trying to turn straight people queer or the other way around. Can you please just let us be? Say our piece and have equal rights? What in the world is the issue here?

Why are you always talking about LGBTQ+?

Not just transgender, but everyone who is not heterosexual.


God did not want this. This is a sin.

And trust us, it’s all good!


Why do you have so many demands? You want to be treated like everyone but then you go ahead and demand so much.

We have one demand, one basic need.

Let LBTQIA+ do whatever they want. Before you overthink it, we do not mean harass, kill or hurt other human beings. Basically, whatever you can do, we can do too.


How will the child be brought up without a mom/dad? That is not wholesome parenting.

Chant it like a mantra until it normalises in your homophobic/transphobic heads.

The place when you can encounter the most number of homophobes and transphobes? Pride March! Since, with every pro, there is an anti. Or in the Indian scenario, the anti-aunty. But with the love and support that the rainbow tribe brings to the March, let’s bye-bye the haters.

Gifs for all Pride Moods


Pride is loaded with rainbows, happiness, and love. And of course, a few powerful Unicorns.

Is it just me or is that Unicorn hella sexy? The gif that is perfect to let your uni-queerness shine!


That uber-energized space you enter as you vibe with your tribe! Anyone reminiscing yet?


The Kings, Queens, Prince, Princesses, Butterflies, Bumblebees, and everyone else who takes the stage and shake their pride. Giving us a break from all the walking and entertaining us!


And the media buzzing all over, showing their support, covering every amazing thing that happens during the march.

That whole mood when the march hits its peak and everyone can feel the vibe. You know it’s been a good day, a good time, and have made a great bunch of friends. SING IT LOUDER!

And Let’s not forget

A shoutout to those amazing Allies who are a part of the march, understand the fight, educate the masses, increase awareness, and don’t steal the spotlight. We love and appreciate you.


A few cheery Gifs for those closeted/coming out bunch



Those who give out subtle hints about not being straight, we see you, we acknowledge, and we shall protect you.


And for those who are Out and Proud, cheers to you too babies!


If you are romantic at heart, or in mind

Or halal in the street, haraam in the sheets, have a crush, have a partner, for those cutesy flings, or never-ending pining, these are for you.

Kisses, kisses, more warm kisses! Kiss every chance you get!


Are you feeling lonely yet? Can someone slide into my DMs already?

The way he looks at him, dawww!


And then the step further…

Ahem. Yes, the sweet nothings that are basically, hot-a lot!


And finally, to channel your inner diva, hustler, and put on your queer crown!




And when someone tries to “talk you out” of being Queer, and you splash them with truth bombs.


The face to make when you don’t want to go down to their level of stupidity



If someone ever tells you to stop shoving your gay, queer, lesbian, transgender in their face, this is how you should FLEX HARDER.


When you’re being Queer at the Party

Or when you need little help to channel. *4 more shots please*

Also, imagine if this hip flask was actually real, I mean, WOW!

When you’re dancing at the party, and see a cute girl/guy or both.

How else do you hint that you’re queer? Rainbow lit shoes?


When you’re drunk and down, but feel all forms of queer. So you’re tripping, lying on the floor, and listening to some great music with your buds. What a way to end the day.

This cat is definitely all of us at the end of turnt party. The drunk spirit animal of sorts?


How many of us really use Gifs? They are absolutely fun and offer so much. So the next time you want to say something, without actually saying something, pick a Gif.

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