@420oldfatlesbians Conquer Instagram With Their Pot And Humour

@420oldfatlesbians Conquer Instagram With Their Pot And Humour

The Internet has a lot to offer us. Aside from all the trade and transactions possible, it lets us connect with anyone from anywhere. In fact, you might actually discover something that you never thought existed. @420oldfatlesbians, an Instagram account started by a lesbian couple Sue and Lee is one of it.

Who wouldn’t want to live a relaxed life when they grow old?

However, some people yet face stigmas in society. They are criticized for being themselves. Maine residents Lee and Sue check off a whole lot of boxes for groups that still face stigmas in society. So, the married couple decided to do their part in erasing these misconceptions and negative attitude. The couple opened a joint Instagram account called @420oldfatlesbians with the tagline ‘The Likes of Dikes’

The Likes of Dikes

Since March 3, they’ve reached over 30,000 followers who watch their funny pot-smoking videos in droves. The ‘420 old fat lesbians’ have gained such a strong online following that it would turn any Instagram ‘influencers’ green with envy.

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Sue and Lee can be seen dressed in wacky costumes and smoking weed out of homemade bongs. Their Instagram followers have seen the two women summon stoner spirits with their “weed-ja board,” smoke pot out of a snowball “ice pipe” and even fashion a bong out of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup bottle.

These women take to Instagram to celebrate all things pot, ageing, being fat and lesbian. Although Maine has restrictions on marijuana use, these women have prescriptions to use it legally and medically.

In one of their many videos, the women claim they don’t miss the tropical life in Florida as Sue lights a bong on a mermaid Barbie doll.

‘This skinny little freak is about to get her bush lit up,’ she said.

Instagram sensation and viral accounts

Sue and Lee never meant to become viral sensations. The couple said one reason they’re going semi-public with their account is that they’re “tired of the stigmas on weed, on lesbians, fat people, old people”, Sue said. “People need to just be who they are and not worry about what others think”, she added.

“After we moved here, we realized how open weed growing and weed using was”, Sue explained. “There’s a lot of dispensaries, there’s a lot of grow-equipment shops, so that speaks to what’s going on”.

Compared to Florida, Sue said, “it’s nice to live somewhere where it’s open” about marijuana use.

Furthermore, both Sue and Lee, have received love, support and encouragement in abundance from their fans.

‘I’m so in love with you both,’ wrote one fan, while another commented: ‘This account is my new life goal inspiration.’

‘You guys are so hilarious and delightful. Thanks for being you!’ wrote yet another.

And one more: ‘Hello my new favourite Instagram people! You girls are awesome!!!’

Their final message that Sue and Lee wish to convey is to embrace one’s true self.

‘Basically, it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you’re okay with yourself,’ they said.

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