4th Grader LGBT essay rejected by School Director

4th Grader LGBT essay rejected by School Director

South Carolina high school director Elizabeth Foster is being persecuted by a fourth-grade student and her mother after the administrator reportedly rejected the girl’s essay about pro-LGBT rights because the subject was not appropriate.

The fourth-grader who wrote an essay on LGBT rights for a class assignment was forced by her principal to redo it because the topic ‘would create an undesirable situation at the school’, a lawsuit claims.


The girl, who was not named in the court filing, had been tasked with writing an essay ‘to society’, and chose to write about LGBT rights because her family members are activists in the community.

According to the lawsuit, Foster forced the 10-year-old girl to change her essay to be about bullying because it was meant to be combined with other students’ essays in a booklet, and the original would ‘make other parents upset’.

The principal allegedly told the girl’s mom, Hannah Robinson, that the topic was ‘not acceptable’ because it was ‘not age-appropriate to discuss transgenders, lesbians and drag queens outside of the home’,’ the suit says.

School district spokeswoman Cynthia Robinson, in a written statement said, “Based on the fact that this is a legal matter we are limited with the amount of information we can release. However, we do consider the claims in this lawsuit to be inaccurate.”


“We are serious about treating every child with kindness, respect, and without discrimination,” Robinson said.

The family has accused Foster of harassing Robinson and telling her: ‘Due to the type of school this is, the people that work here and the students and families of the students that go here, the topic would be disagreeable.’

The fourth grader is now afraid of her principal, the suit claims. The plaintiffs in the suit are seeking to “recover compensatory damages for emotional pain and suffering.”


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