60 Years Old Lesbian Came Out To Her Children

60 Years Old Lesbian Came Out To Her Children

Born Jewish in 1933, Sandy Warshaw was a feminist from the start only. By 24, she fulfilled the society’s mandate, “get married, have children and live happily ever after.” Although she was divorced by 44. At 45, she had her first lesbian relationship but she did not come out to her children until she was 60 years old.

“By 60, I’d had two lesbian relationships: the first, closeted, was almost as bad as my marriage. The second, also closeted but more fulfilling, lasted eight years,” she said.

How she came out to her children

She was separated in 1977 and officially divorced in 1978. “I met a woman at Swim Club. she’s the first person I had a relationship with and it was not one of my better relationships, but I haven’t had better relationships. When we split, it was a little while, several years before I began looking for someone else,“


“And it happened to be somebody I worked with. I did not know that she was a lesbian. We became friendly and then we began a relationship. And that relationship lasted for 8 and a half years, “ Sandy said.

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They broke up at the time Sandy had her first grandchild. Sandy was 11 years older to her and Sandy thinks that she was not really ready to be a grandmother. Sandy also didn’t know any lesbian couple at that time who were married and had grandchildren.


The following week I went to see my daughter, and with my heart in my mouth, blurted out, “I was out all week. I’m a lesbian.” “Whew,” she said, “We’ve wanted to talk to you about it for eight years.” I realized then how much I had underestimated my children’s intelligence, and by closeting myself, I had robbed myself of their support and comfort.

“My daughter said at that time that the only problem of me coming out to her was waiting for so long. She said that she felt that I had lied to her for years,” Sandy said. “I can’t blame her. But she clearly didn’t know how hard it is for someone to come out to their family.”

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