A Gay Man Playing The Role of A Godmother?

A Gay Man Playing The Role of A Godmother?

Representation is a big part of our daily conversations that discuss equality. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, one always wants to see more people from the community on screen. We have demanded representation from the film industry. And they have delivered at least a few since the rise in awareness. This time with Cinderella.

Not that movies earlier did not have queer characters at all. Just that they were limited and usually portrayed the same way. Feminine and butch gay men like in Sex and the City, transgender women who bless married couples in Bollywood movies, and other stereotypical presentations.

The retelling of age-old tales is a new advent that the film industry has opted for. We have seen remakes of Lion King, Beauty, and the Beast,  Aladdin, Jungle Book, and more. And for once, we have jolted the film industry into picking diverse characters for diverse roles. We have also allowed for “non-hero” like heroes to play protagonists and connect stronger with reality.

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The news is that Billy Porter could be playing Fairy Godmother in the upcoming movie, Cinderella. You know Billy Porter. The first gay black man to win the Emmy’s. Porter won it for his lead role in Pose. He has also received a Grammy and a Tony for his broadway works. An exceptional actor, and a powerful gay icon, Porter has won hearts repeatedly.

Even though Sony still hasn’t commented about the cast, Porter’s role as a Fairy Godmother could be quite fascinating. News/A Gay Man Playing The Role of A Godmother?
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A popular fairytale with a happy ending will obviously tap on nostalgia for most of us. But it is reported that the plot will definitely be reimagined. Most remakes of movies now follow the same pattern in order to make it relatable. And we have no complaints about the updates. But never would one predict that the role of a Fairy Godmother would be played by a black gay man. Did you?

Porter has all the skills and more to be kickass at his role. When his broadway performances are Tony and Grammy worthy, one can only imagine how much he would bring to the role.

If the deal goes through, the actor is to join music superstar Camila Cabello. The star is to play the role of Cinderella, the titular pauper-turned-princess. She is also obviously providing music for the film. And filmmaker Kay Cannon is to direct the movie for studio’s Columbia Label. The filmmaker is known for his work Blockers. News/A Gay Man Playing The Role of A Godmother?
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Although the details and nuances of the modern imaginary version are unknown, we know the elements we love are not going to be taken away.

How Many More Cinderella Stories?

For anyone who has read the darker shades of fairy tales, maybe a few of us would prefer to break the bubble of happy fairy tales. A few of us would also prefer a more empowering stance and lesser Knights who save the day. Cinderella has seen several versions of comics on Instagram, a variety of fanfiction, and many Cinderella movies and retellings. So, another one may add to or kill the fascination we have about the fairytale. Hopefully, its the first

James Corden, the popular host, singer, and comedian, is credited with the original idea for the project. He is also to produce the feature project with Leo Pearlman, as well as his partner at Fulwell 73. We have seen Corden at his best and know that the man is capable of some creative content that will get us going. So maybe, we will fall further in love with the fairy tale. News/A Gay Man Playing The Role of A Godmother?
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Returning to Porter, the actor has earned acclamation for his performance. His stage credits include Angels in America and Kinky Boots. And performing another musical would only add another feather to his cap. A cap that’s made of feathers already.

Choosing Porter can add so much character to the plot of Cinderella.

Even though the role of the Fairy Godmother is considerably small, we are sure it is a role he will make us remember. Diversity and inclusivity and are always great elements. No matter what you are creating. Researches or stories, we know literature is filled with personalities with multiple dimensions.

So when we’re upping our present stories and making sure to include powerful storytelling, and empowered characters who feel less victimized by their situations. What we want are stories that show direction and inspire us to do better. Not leave us with false hopes and bubbled dreams that only live in our dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, hope is beautiful. It gives you a reason to live and look forward to things in life. But with the number of Cinderella stories that have watched over the years, it would be a refreshing break. And looking at the cast and crew of what’s to come, our expectations could be high and met.


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