A Match Made In Heaven!

A Match Made In Heaven!


Families come in all shapes and sizes, all forms and there is no two ways about it. As long as there is unconditional love that exists, that’s all that matters.

Here is a story from a rather unconventional story and the definition of a win-win situation. A lesbian couple, Marliey Martinez and Carla Melendez got pregnant with their gay friends Juny Roman and Alex Torres.

As Marliey and Carla wanted their children’s fathers to be a part of their life, they were not too keen on using donors from the sperm bank. They then proceeded to ask their friend Alex Torres, who they’ve known for over 10 years.

Initially they wanted Torres to father both the children as both women wanted to carry a child, but later when they met Alex’s husband, they changed their minds.

“Marliey knew she wanted him to be a dad, she loved his personality and everything about him” said Carla to ABC News.

After going through this pregnancy, which may seem unusual to you now might slowly become more normal as years progress and the LGBTQIA community becomes more visible; Martinez and Melendez have the “ultimate modern family”

Carla and Marliey have full custody of the children but mention that Torres and Roman will definitely be involved in their children’s lives. On July 23 Martinez gave birth to a son, Matteo, fathered by Roman. A month later, on August 22, Melendez had a little girl, Marla, who is Torres’ daughter.

“I think it’s good to let the world know that love is the more important thing in this world and it doesn’t matter where it comes from,” said Melendez.

Written by Shreyanka Thejaswi


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