A Safe Haven for LGBTQIA people

A Safe Haven for LGBTQIA people

People from the LGBTQIA community are happy beautiful unicorns but the kind of treatment they receive from the outside world isn’t always as conducive. We really do need resorts/hotels which are pro LGBTQIA and welcome them with open arms.

When there are times for the people from the community to take a step back from the harsh world and unwind, reconnect and be their authentic self.

The Talaibagh Palace is the perfect place to do just this.

A boutique hotel located in an idyllic rural area, just 3 kilometres from the famous torist attraction of Amber. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Talaibagh Palace offers guests an experience of private royal luxury in the lap of nature.


With large gardens, carved monolithic pillars, marble fountains and hand painted frescos on the walls, the Talaibagh Palace is a replica of a rural hunting lodge of Maharaja Ganaga Singhji of Bikaner.

From visiting the beautiful forts of jaipur, shopping at the old market or visiting the famous elephant village, guests never run out of options nearby.

Located off the Delhi highway, close to the main tourist attractions and yet away from the congestion and pollution of the city, the Talaibagh Palace is ideal for tourists coming to Jaipur.

So go ahead and book your much needed getaway, rediscover yourself and find your happy place. You deserve it !


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