A YouTube Channel Dedicated To Trans-Education, TransVision.

A YouTube Channel Dedicated To Trans-Education, TransVision.

This sector of people are usually shunned from society for being different from the cis-gender population. Transgender is a term used to describe people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned with at birth.

There is little to no knowledge when it comes to trans-people and the life they lead, the struggles they face and their daily lives. With the intention of spreading more awareness, educate the masses, the YouTube channel TransVision  was created.

With almost half-a-million Indians identifying themselves as trans genders, isn’t it a pity that we have little or no knowledge about them. This lack of knowledge is what leads to discrimination, contempt, and in some extreme cases – hatred. Speaking of The Better India about her reasons for starting this, she says, “For long now my community has been stereotyped and made fun of. It is time that we come together and show the world what we truly are. There is so much more to us than what meets the eye.”

Rachana Mudraboyina, a transgender activist from Hyderabad, conceived the idea, and she is also the director and writer of this web series.

To get a comprehensive understanding of anything, we must go back to basics and set our foundation right. TransVision is doing just that – educating by starting with the basics and answering questions like – Who are trans genders? Is it a mental disorder? Have you undergone a sex-change operation?

While giving accurate scientific information and guidelines, TransVision’s first series will also highlight the historical, socio-cultural and anthropological background of the transgender community.

“One episode looks into transgender celebrities across the world and the country, while another talks exclusively about the Kuvugam festival. There’s also one that deals with court judgments and government policies in India and around the world,” says Rachana.

“I remember coming across a few videos on YouTube that were not just offensive to the community but propagating rather absurd things. One video was all about how being transgender is a curse because of some ill-fated mating time, while another video claimed it was all a hormone imbalance.”

Watching such videos gave Rachana the push to work towards breaking the glass ceiling, so to speak although they did caused her pain, she knew it was all for the greater good.

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Written By – Shreyanka Thejaswi 


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