Amazon Signed Against Anti-LGBT Bill

Amazon Signed Against Anti-LGBT Bill

Tennessee legislators are presently debating over an anti-LGBT bill. This bill would ban same-sex couples from adopting and getting married and restrict transgender access to the public bathroom. However, the LGBT community won’t give up without a fight.

A group of LBGT activists sent a letter to the members of the Glamazon, an LGBT+ employee resource group at Amazon, seeking their help and support in order to fight against the anti-LGBT laws in Tennessee. Amazon replied positively and has signed the letter.


“these laws are horribly anti-gay and would hurt Amazon employees and their families for years to come”, said Marc Solomon, a gay rights activist.

Amazon announced plans last November to expand its presence in the business-friendly state. However, it is opposed to the discriminatory anti-LGBT bill.

What Amazon says

“Amazon has a long history of supporting equality and we’re opposed to laws that discriminate or encourage discrimination”, said an Amazon spokesperson.

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Amazon doesn’t seem to be the only one to pledge its support. Organizations such as Salesforce, Dell Technologies, Postmates, Warner Music Group, Nashville Ballet, Nashville Cares and many more are urging the legislative leaders to reject several bills that are making their way to the legislature.

This isn’t the first time that corporate America has played such a significant role in opposing anti-LGBT legislation. A host of companies had joined in to support activist groups during the debates of North Caroline’s 2016 “Bathroom bill”. Companies such as PayPal, the NCAA, Adidas, CoStar and many more canceled their plans to build, expand offices or host events in the state.


“Thank you to Amazon, especially the Glamazons, for standing up for the LGBTQ Tennesseans today by opposing this hateful and discriminatory legislation”, said Conor Gaughan, the campaign manager of “No Gay? No Way!

The sponsors of the bill seem to have a different perspective. They claim that they are trying to protect “religious freedom”. However, the LGBT+ community of Tennessee isn’t alone in its fight against the anti-LGBT bill. It has the support of the corporate sector as well as various other communities. After all #NoGay?NoWay!


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