Apple iPhone Made Me Gay!

Apple iPhone Made Me Gay!

Why are you gay? When people ask homosexuals this question, a few brain cells kill themselves. Gays are forced to stare at them blankly and come up with a sassy or a sarcastic answer. But not everyone who is gay understands what it means to be gay. Or why they are gay. This is not a story about them. This is a story from the gays who think they need to blame their homosexuality on something and have to find the source no matter how ridiculous it might sound.

A story to tell you why owning your homosexuality is important.

Not just to you, but also to the community. Identifying your sexual orientation and gender is no joke. A lot of the people in the community are struggling hard to be taken seriously. The community has undergone a series of fights, violence, awareness programs and campaigns to make our voice heard. We have fought long and hard to demand equal rights and considerations. So when stories like these come to our attention, we make it a point to right the wrongs.

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Meet D. Razumilov

A man from Russia who filed a lawsuit for “moral suffering and harm to mental health” because he strongly believes that his iPhone tricked him into turning gay. The trickery began when his phone suggested him to download an app that made him gay. This is a serious matter. Stop giggling.

He said that he received a payment of 69 (ahem) GayCoins (a gay form of cryptocurrency?) in 2017. And The Moscow Times, said that he received the payment on his iPhone from an unknown sender. Which also included a “don’t judge without trying” message.

Queerty, the main source of this article also quoted him.

“I thought, indeed, how can I judge something without trying it?” Razmuliov said in his complaint. “And decided to try same-sex relationships.”


Wait, Razmuliov is not done yet.

“I can say after the passage of two months that I’m mired in intimacy with a member of my own sex and can’t get out. I have a steady boyfriend and I don’t know how to explain it to my parents.” News/Apple iPhone Made-Me-Gay!
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Well, a lot of gay people have to struggle with justifying and explaining themselves to family and friends. Not only does their sexuality have the potential to strain relationships, but it also makes everyday tasks harder. A simple coffee date can turn into a violent session, wearing effeminate clothes can bring in the attention you don’t need. It is not easy. But in Razmuliov’s case, it is difficult to take his complaints seriously because of how he looks at his homosexuality. It is not denial. This is not even dismissal. What this is, is unawareness.

And this is a serious complaint he has with iPhone. The man even went onto say that “After receiving the aforementioned message, (the cryptocurrency message) my life has changed for the worse and will never be normal again.”

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He is suing Apple for a good $15,000 for all the trauma, pain, and suffering he now has to go through.

The case is to be reviewed later this month. And we are excited to listen to the arguments of the plaintiff. Also, good luck Apple.

Out and Not Proud

Yes, we are glad that an individual has stepped out of the closet. We are also happy that they are in a loving same-sex relationship. But Razmuliov’s stance creates ripples that are not pro-LGBTQ+. Living as a homosexual does pose its own set of challenges, there is no denying it. Even though his case is a personal choice, it affects how the community is perceived. Being gay, queer, transgender, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, intersex is not a choice. People cannot be influenced by it. LGBTQIA+ people identify themselves the way they do because it is what feels most natural and true to themselves. News/Apple iPhone Made-Me-Gay!
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There a few points to consider now.

How can we deal with these voices that undermine the LGBTQ+ community but are from the members of the community? Shouldn’t the boyfriend say something about it or even the advocate fighting the case? When we hear stories like this, we are just saddened by the ignorance. We have access to the internet, we have access to support groups, we also have pride parades, and news channels that talk about LGBTQ+ on a periodical basis.

And yet, we have cases like this that remind us that we have to do better. This is why when we need more representation and more familiarisation of LGBTQ+. Schools, social communities, friends, parents, and literally, everyone should learn about being queer. Doesn’t matter if you are from the community or not, you should be educated so you can educate others.


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