Arizona Supreme Courts New Rule To Help Transgender Children

Arizona Supreme Courts New Rule To Help Transgender Children

The Arizona Supreme court has ruled that judges can overrule parents custodian authority for child safety.

According to the ruling, the judges can ensure that transgender children receive the necessary medical attention that they need. It says that a judge can overrule parents custody to provide transgender children therapy and counseling.

Couple raising a trans child

The family court of Arizona had recently faced a case involving a child with gender dysphoria. The parents are identified as Paul E. and Courtney F in court documents.


Paul E. and Courtney F have three kids. Their child (identified as L) was raised as a boy by birth. However, at the age of 5, he started identifying as a girl. Courtney F. and Paul E. seem to disagree on how to deal with their child’s gender dysphoria.

Courtney F. seems to have positively accepted the transition of her child. She approached and addressed her child using female pronouns. She dressed L in Girls’ clothes and allowed her to play with girls toys.

In contrast to Courtney F., Paul E. wasn’t supportive of such upbringing for his son.  He felt that L was yet too young to be encouraged to identify himself. Paul E. approached the court to intervene in helping determine the child’s upbringing.

The Important Decision

After a week-long trial, the family court awarded primary custody to the father. However, the court ordered to continue the child’s therapy.

Paul E appealed, claiming that the trial judge did not have the authority to make such decisions. The Arizona Court of Appeals agreed and reversed the lower court. Courtney F. appealed that ruling to the supreme court.

Therefore, the supreme court ruled that judges can overrule custodial parents authority for a child’s safety.


“This is particularly important for transgender children who require specialized healthcare to address their unique needs.”

The new ruling is a benefit for the transgender children. It will encourage them to come out and seek help. Moreover, it is a need of the hour for the trans youth community and an important ruling. This ruling will prevent the mental and physical harm of trans children.


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