Armpit Hair: A New Embrace

Armpit Hair: A New Embrace

Throughout history, women have always been exceptionally subject to societies prejudice. Told what to wear, how to wear, why to wear and where to wear. Any deviation from these pre-existing norms and we’re told that we’re delusional. This pressure has now befallen on men who find it increasingly important to look fit, groomed and tailored at all points.

However, in recent years the trend has been changing. With people becoming increasingly aware of different sexualities as well as feminism speaking up about problems and inequality. Bashing society and overcoming multiple obstacles with time.

And now in a new feat to give a big middle finger to society, people across genders are growing and dyeing their armpit hair into the multiple shades of colour!

People in 2019, want to live life on their terms. They look down upon those who confine and expect, often telling them to keep their opinions to themselves. So, to take things back into our own hands, all people have decided that enough is enough.

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Enter a new trend: Armpit Dyeing.

While the trend initially started with women refusing to rid their armpit hair, multiple took the extreme after Roxie Jane Hunt shared a post of herself with her armpits decked out in bright blue. The post went on to become viral with multiple people jumping onto the bandwagon. Hair: A New Embrace
Roxie Jane Hunt with her proudly dyed blue pits, they even MATCH her hair!

Soon bigger celebrities like Miley Cyrus, a famous American pop star. She shared a photo of herself bleaching her armpit hair and then colouring it up as a bright pinkish red. Hair: A New Embrace
Miley Cyrus showing off her newly dyed underarm hair

Starting January of 2019, or Januhairy as it was referring to. Women grew their body hair for the whole month all meant to empower a woman to be more of her natural self. This brought in speculations with multiple questionings of why women were to remove their hairs in the first place.

Thoughts from the ’70s:

Back in the ’70s, when the first wave of revolution occurred, there were two very different ideologies on the same. In an issue of Ms Magazine, there was an article that spoke about body hair. They claim that shaving was a norm created as an embodiment of human culture’s preoccupation with keeping women in a kind of innocent state, where we deny their true selves. Hairlessness was furthermore, infantilizing or childlike. It made women look like a pre-puberty girl.

Therefore, the norm suggests that there was something wrong, gross and dirty about women’s bodies as they naturally were.

But another faction of feminists had a different take. Friedan, the speaker of this belief,  thought that the preoccupation with body hair was counterproductive. She thought that these concerns were just a trivial distraction from more important issues that women face such as professional opportunities and subsidized childcare.

She also thought they harmed the cause of feminism by casting feminists as hairy, ugly, man-hating weirdos. Hair: A New Embrace

Colours and Brands:

But the world seems to be increasingly happy with the new trend, including people dyeing their armpit hair rainbows, adding jewels and glitter and just embracing who they really were without any cosmetic alterations.

Multiple brands jumped onto the wagon, especially Billie. Funnily enough, the brand is known for selling women-friendly razors. Now, how can such a company assert the need to not shave? They do so by constantly telling women that there is no need to. Their promo video includes women, prideful in their glorious hair. They sell razors much cheaper, without pink tax. They further donate 1% of all income to women’s causes around the world.

Another brand to show their support was the dye product – Manic Panic. The creators of the brand were seen in a picture together with their underarm hair completely dyed.

What a fun and colourful time to be alive!

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