Art Show Honours Murdered Transwomen

Art Show Honours Murdered Transwomen

A multidisciplinary work by artist Jono Vaughan titled Project 42 memorialises trans-women whose lives were cut short by violence. In Project 42, named for the short life expectancy of trans-women in the United States, Vaughan recalls their personhood by creating handmade garments inspired by their lives and stories. Vaughan begins with a Google Earth image of a murder location and digitally manipulates it to create an abstract textile print.

Video Of Performances on Project 42 @ Seattle Art Gallery








Furthermore, a collaborator wears each garment in a public performances within the gallery space. These unannounced performances sometimes play to an empty room; at other times spectators surround performers. Intended to memorialise the lives of the trans women who inspire them. Generally, cases go unreported or gender’s wrongly mentioned  among cases of violence against transgender people. Hence, t hese performances also allude to just that.

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Transwoman Myra Ical

Transwoman Deja Jones
Deja Jones

Transwoman Lorena Escalara









Honouring Martyred Transwomen

Project 42 is an ongoing series that Vaughan initiated in 2012. The Seattle Art Museum celebrates the lives and deaths of Myra Ical, Deja Jones, and Lorena Escalera Xtravaganza.

The exhibit is at the Seattle Art Museum until August 5.

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