Bangalore Girl Arrested For Conveying Patriotism At Anti-CAA Protest

Bangalore Girl Arrested For Conveying Patriotism At Anti-CAA Protest

The anti-CAA and NRC rally that took place at Freedom Park in Bengaluru was lit up with controversy when a young female student activist, identified as Amulya Leona Noronha, took to stage and started her protest by raising the slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ thrice in her inaugural speech. She then continued her protest with the slogan,  ‘Hindustan Zindabad’ but the mic in her hands was immediately snatched away by the authorities. The young activist was rendered voiceless.

Following this, she was dragged off the stage by a lady police officer and charges of sedition were also promptly booked against Amulya.

The event was organized by Hindu Muslim Sikh and Isaai Federation in Bengaluru on Thursday, February 20.


Amulya Leona 

AMULYA LEONA/ anti-CAA/Bangalore Girl Arrested For Conveying Patriotism At Anti-CAA Protest
Image courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Amulya is a firebrand student activist, who has participated in several anti-CAA protests that have been organized in Karnataka. Amulya originally hails from Koppa, which is a panchayat town in the district of Chikkamagaluru. She is currently pursuing a journalism course at the very prominent NMKRV college in South Bengaluru.

Amulya resides with her friends in Bengaluru. One such friend of hers has stated that her parents, who live in Chikkamagaluru, are not particularly supportive of her activism and her anti-CAA stance. Amulya is someone who has never missed a chance in spreading the word about the Citizenship Act. She has also used various social media platforms and has, allegedly, even used Tinder to gain more support.


Wrapped in controversies

AMULYA LEONA/ anti-CAA/Bangalore Girl Arrested For Conveying Patriotism At Anti-CAA Protest
Image courtesy: Times of India

Amulya, who initially started off chanting pro-Pakistan slogans at the AIMIM organized anti-CAA rally, had seemingly wanted to talk about what she had written on Facebook but was abruptly interrupted because of the volatile nature of the opening line. Another activist has stated that if she had started with what she had originally planned as the opening line, there would not have been a controversy. After Amulya raised the slogan a few times, the organizers snatched the microphone from her but she continued to speak without a microphone. She also tried to explain what she had meant when she said ‘Hindustan Zindabad’, however, the police officials arrested her and escorted her off the stage.

There is also video footage of her begging to be able to finish her speech. In the video, she says, “please wait, let me continue”, but we see the policemen brutally hold her back. She does break free a couple of times to address the audience but to no avail.

Amulya is not someone who is new to controversies, either. She was present amidst the group of women who had heckled the founder of Postcard News at Mangaluru airport. Moreover, she had also confronted Hegde and had asked him to sing Vande Mataram.

Amulya, who has been charged with sedition because of the events that took place at the anti-CAA rally, was placed under 14-day judicial custody. She has also been denied bail by a judicial magistrate.

B Ramesh, DCP Bengaluru (West) said, “We have registered a suo moto case against Amulya under Section 124A (sedition), 153A and B (promoting enmity between different groups and imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration).”



Supporters of Amulya also charged with sedition at anti-CAA

Ardra Narayanan/ anti-CAA/Bangalore Girl Arrested For Conveying Patriotism At Anti-CAA Protest
Image courtesy: The Indian Express

Ardra Narayanan, who is 24-years-old, is a friend and supporter of Amulya Leona. Narayanan has also been arrested for allegedly holding a placard that said, “Muslim, Dalit, Kashmiri, Bahujan, Adivasi, Trans Liberation Now.” She had come in to support Amulya at the Town Hall on Friday.

Ardra Narayanan is a resident of Malleshwaram and a freelance graphic designer. Ardra was produced before a magistrate and was held in judicial custody for 14 days.

Her Facebook profile reveals that she is a student of philosophy at IGNOU. There are also posts on Ardra’s profile in which she has tagged Amulya. Ardra has been understood to be a staunch supporter of Amulya. She has thus been booked under 153A and 153B of the Indian Penal code and has been put under custody till the 5th of March.

The police had visited Ardra’s paying guest accommodation and have recovered some pieces of cardboard and paint. They also added that they are trying to identify the organization and individuals that had allegedly provoked Ardra.

The police have said that Ardra arrived at the Town Hall to protest against ‘injustice in the nation’. There were several organizations that were already protesting and Ardra stood at a distance and waited until the protesters had dispersed.

Heckled the family

After the incident with Amulya, miscreants ended up vandalizing her house in Koppa. Amulya’s father Oswald Noronha had to file a police complaint.

Oswald has been forced to chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ in a video that was captured later that night. In the video he says,”: “Every single word my daughter said was wrong. I have tried to make her understand several times, however, she doesn’t pay heed to it. I have not spoken to my daughter for the past five days”. He ends the rant by adding, “I will not approach lawyers for her bail.”

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa claims that Amulya has links with Naxalites. He says that an investigation proves that Amulya has links to with Naxalites.  He added, “She must be punished and action will be taken against the organizations behind it.”

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