The Banging Queer Nightlife Across India

The Banging Queer Nightlife Across India

If you haven’t already realized, the queer party is the best type of party. Though they started in the quaint alleyways of cities, far from the highest skyscrapers. They are now in the spotlight, with some of the biggest clubs having queer events.

Back in the times, the parties were held in more quiet places with the invites passing around through word of mouth. These were the spots chosen because they were comparatively more safe than having full-blown parties in the middle of the city. Due to a lot of discrimination as well as fear identification. Or far worse, getting jail time with concern to IPC Section 377.

Now, we’re seeing these banger parties and nightlife hit the biggest cities of India. This can only be thankful for the ever-changing and accepting youth. Organizations have taken lead and now have events specifically for the queer, they bring the best DJ’s, mixers and make sure there’s a 100% inclusivity.

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Here are some of the organizers to keep a keen lookout on, there’s always a party right around the corner:

Zsa Zsa Events, Mumbai:

Based in Bandra, Mumbai, Zsa Zsa Events has become the face of LGBTQ+ parties. And guess what the best part is? These huge events happen at even bigger locations, the best being The Olive Bar and Restaurant, which at one point, said hi to some of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities. Talk about a classy nightlife!

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Courtesy – Zsa Zsa Events

Fevernites or DUDE Party: Bangalore

One of Bangalore’s biggest party spaces, Fevernites, now known as DUDE Party. They hold the best LGBTQ+ parties down south. And it comes to no surprise that they do so in the biggest clubs in Bangalore. The infamous Kitty Ko at the LaLit Ashok Hotel sees their events on the regular. The beats move your feet and hips like no other!  They’ve had Bollywood Nights, Love Is Love Valentine’s Affairs and Neon Holi amongst a multitude of events.

They were one of the many event heads to help to bring famous RuPaul Drag Racer: Peppermint as a guest to Kitty Su and Kitty Ko.
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Courtesy – Fevernites/ DUDE Party

Kitty Su and Kitty Ko: Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

Speaking of Kitty Ko and Kitty Su, if you don’t know them, what are you even doing? They are some of THE biggest clubs in these cities, the elite of the elite, and they’re SUPER queer-friendly. Thanks to Keshav Suri, the LaLit Group’s Executive Director and his vision of a drag queen, Kitty Su came to life. Soon after followed Kitty Ko in Bangalore.

Now, drag shows occur almost every Thursday and have multiple footfalls to see the dressed up queens take the stage with their ferocity. Drag performers help in questioning gender stereotypes, breaking the norms and helping in inclusivity.

Occasionally, they also throw some themed parties like “A Night Of A Thousand Lady Gaga’s” or “Madhuri Dixit” wherein folks are to come either dressed up or ready to stay in line with the themes. Kitty Su and Kitty Ko have helped grace India with some of the greatest drag queen’s from RuPaul’s Drag Race and perform for the Indian audience.

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Courtesy – Kitty Su

Gay Bombay: Mumbai

Gay Bombay is an informal and ever-evolving social organization in Mumbai. It was founded in September 1998 and have held 1000+ events ranging from art meets to workshops, to parents meet so on and so forth. They hope to create the safest of spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and thus also host parties. They do this to make sure that the community can let loose in an environment that is comforting and welcoming. Their parties usually witness a lot of attendees, both straight and queer, and bust down their moves to the banging playlists. 

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Courtesy – Gay Bombay

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your favorite outfits and dance the night away at your favorite queer-friendly events!

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