Barbie and Sims 4 take on a new update for Inclusivity!!

Barbie and Sims 4 take on a new update for Inclusivity!!

  • As we all know Barbie made a statement previously by standing up for the LGBTQ+ community. And the response was really good.

Recent Barbie lines have included a range of women of color – as well as different body types.

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A step further:

Here’s another step taken by Mattel towards inclusivity and support. The new   “Fashionista line” includes barbie dolls with a wheel-chair as well as dolls with a prosthetic leg launching this year. Maybe this would finally mainstream the disabled into society.

While there are other toys with disabilities, they are rare and not available in the mainstream market. Barbie, conversely, is well-known and has been around for 60 years. That a long-standing and global brand is recognizing the importance of disability.

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The new barbie fashionista line is a response to customer’s requests. “A wheelchair or doll in a wheelchair was one of the most requested items through our consumer hotline. It’s important to listen to our consumers,” Kim Culmone, Mattel’s vice president of Barbie Design, she told.

Mattel worked with people with disabilities to ensure that the new Barbies feature accurate representation. In addition to working with a University of California-Los Angeles team to design the wheelchair, Mattel worked with 13year-old Jordan Reeves, who has a prosthetic arm.

“I gave the barbie design team tips about limb differences and prosthetics”. I told them that prosthetics have to come off the doll because prosthetics are kind of just like shoes. They have to be able to come off. A prosthetic-wearing doll isn’t real any other way,” she continued.

For Reeves, having Barbies with disabilities is an essential step towards the complete inclusion of people with disabilities. Also, these barbies are important so that there is more awareness that disabilities exist and kids can see it in toys at a store. It is also cool for kids with disabilities to see the representation of the same in toys.

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Although Emojies and Barbie’s have a few similarities, the fact that disability will soon be depicted by both these popular items is significant.

The inclusion of disability in popular culture is something significant and amazing. Isn’t it exciting guys?

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New Inclusions:

This year, new emojis are going to release. These new emojis will include people using white canes, service dogs, manual and power wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and a hearing aid. 2019 may the year in which disability mainstreamed into society!

The more we include and talk about disability in everyday pop culture, the more aware people would get for what it is, will understand that it is a natural part of human experience.

Mattel’s move to incorporate representation beyond white, straight, conventionally attractive bodies is being appreciated by people.

Disability Equality Charity, Scope praised the move and called it a “Gamechanger” by the brand for disability representation.


The Sims 4 will feature a same-sex couple on the cover for the first time, EA games publisher announced.

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The series is known for LGBTQ+ gamers for its ability to create queer characters and relationships. The New Sims 4 features core characters, introduced to the game.

“The Sims franchise has been an industry leader on LGBTQ representation and this week it crossed another milestone,” GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement. “We applaud Electronic Arts and Maxis for putting an LGBTQ couple front and center on its new, rebranded box art for Sims 4.”

“LGBTQ players are a part of the Sims community from the beginning, and this recognition and visibility are important and well deserved,” Ellis continued.

This is a remarkable moment of representation in the video game space, and we encourage others to step up and match this kind of visibility in their new releases and updates.

There is more to it:

The sims 4 will also introduce gender-neutral washrooms in the Pride Update.

EA Play event, the video game company unveiled new Pride content that would be available in-game as part of a partnership with the It Gets Better Project.

Players will be able to access exclusive It Gets Better and Pride in-game clothing as well as a variety of Pride items, including a gender-neutral bathroom door.

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The It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization that focuses on LGBT+ youth.

It is a good initiative started by Barbie and Sims. This is one step closer to inclusivity. This step would help kids and teens understand disability and LGBTQ.  It will also educate kids and teens about the community and the disabled people and also create awareness regarding the same.







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