Batwoman Ruby Rose Comes Out As Lesbian In The Most Iconic Way!

Batwoman Ruby Rose Comes Out As Lesbian In The Most Iconic Way!

Ruby Rose’s Batwoman broke new ground in its mid-season premiere, which saw the masked hero announce her sexuality to the world.

Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose, revealed to Gotham City that she’s a lesbian in an episode of the CW series “Batwoman.”

Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) has been portrayed as a Proud Lesbian in the series. But only when she is out of her superhero suit.

In the interview, she addresses her media coverage as “the lesbian actor”. She stresses, “That’s not a part of my job. That’s not on my business card.” Ruby is getting frustrated at always having to have my sexuality be a part of it, like, you’d never say, ‘the heterosexual DJ.’ That’s bizarre.”

Recently, some people have been quite opinionated about her casting as Kate Kane in the upcoming Batwoman series, arguing that while the character being Jewish and lesbian, Ruby isn’t Jewish and identifies as gender-fluid.

To this, Ruby says that she being gay, it’s definitely part of who she is, and it’s definitely part of the story and establishing why she’s not in the military anymore. But the show is not about a gay superhero. It’s about a superhero.

Batwoman/ batwoman/Batwomen Ruby Rose Comes Out As Lesbian In The Most Iconic Way!
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Fascinating Facts about Ruby Rose, who portrays Lesbian Superhero:

Most influential gay in 2008-2009

For two years in a row, she was one of the 25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians by the LGBTQ+ community.

She’s openly gay since 12

She is an open lesbian since the age of 12 and because of her sexuality, she suffered verbal taunts and physical abuse from her schoolmates, which led to a suicide attempt.

there was this one time at the restaurant when Rose was with her dad. The owner had told them that they were trying to figure out if Rose was a boy or a girl. She was shocked. But she felt it was a compliment. When she thought about it she felt like she actually wanted to be a handsome boy.

Ruby Rose is vegan

Rose is a vegan as she believes that people who want to help fight climate change should rethink what they prefer eating.

Orange Is the New Black star

She was an actress of the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black portraying Stella Carlin. Actually, this TV series brought her to fame.

Rose likes her character “whose sarcastic sense of humor and captivating looks quickly draw the attention of some of Litchfield’s inmates. She’s cocky, she’s flirty and she’s super funny… This is the sexiest season by far.”

Ruby has her own movie

In 2014, Ruby released a short film “Break Free.” She was a writer, producer and actress. The movie got more than 2 million views.

Her real name is a little bit longer

Ruby Rose was born as Ruby Rose Langenheim as her mother’s second name is Langenheim.

She has famous ancestors

Rose is the goddaughter of a boxer Lionel Rose, and the great-granddaughter of Alec Campbell, the last surviving soldier of the Australian Battle of Gallipoli during World War I.

Was once bullied by mates

Ruby’s classmates used to bully and harm her. She was nearly beaten to death, which resulted in depression.

Ruby is gender-fluid

Whether straight, gay, bi, trans. Body image and identity can be a struggle for us everyone. Rose told News Corp Australia. “I am very gender-fluid and feel more like I wake up everyday sort of gender-neutral.”

Backlashes faced by Batwoman Ruby Rose

Rose was cast as the title character Batwoman in the first TV series. It was the first TV series to be headlined by an LGBTQ+ superhero. She received backlash for identifying as a lesbian woman. And this surprised her.

Rose also said she did not have an idea that her sexual orientation meant she could not be a lesbian because she does not view herself as a woman.

In Entertainment Weekly‘s 2019 LGBTQ+ special issue, Rose opens up about her gender identity. She talks about how the experiences made her grow and learn more.

Here is part of her story:

“Yeah. I came to the States to get into acting, and I couldn’t even get a manager or agent, so I made a short film based on my life because I had the time to do it. And then I got an opportunity to audition for Orange Is the New Black because they wanted to have a gender-neutral character.  And that’s when you realize you have to keep up with the terminology. When I got cast as a lesbian in Batwoman, I didn’t know that being a gender-fluid woman meant that I couldn’t be a lesbian because I’m not a woman — not considered lesbian enough.

Rose/ batwoman/Batwomen Ruby Rose Comes Out As Lesbian In The Most Iconic Way!
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“My initial response was ‘Pfft!’ And then I was like, ‘Wait. Let me just figure this one out. How do I right this wrong, because if someone out there is upset by this, I need to know why and how to fix it.’ That’s when I sort of said, ‘I’m a woman that identifies as a woman. I’m not trans. But if being gender-fluid means that I can’t identify as a woman at any point, then I guess I can’t be that.’”

Maybe I need to make up another term, one that doesn’t step on any toes. One where I can be fluid in my gender, but also a lesbian, because otherwise, I’m not sure what I am.”

Besides that, her only response to the backlash is: “On my deathbed, I’m not going to be like, ‘I really wish that more people, more strangers on the internet that I didn’t know, liked me.’”

Batwoman is lesbian, Black Canary is bisexual and Supergirl is pansexual, Earth-Prime has only queer girls as a superhero, that’s the dream.

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