Belize: Leading The Way For LGBT

Belize: Leading The Way For LGBT



A tiny little nation on the Central American coastline, Belize, is a shining example of how NGOs can strongly influence the life of an entire community of marginalised individuals, if only allowed by the government to do so.

Our Circle, an NGO working for LGBT equality and welfare has a very unique philosophy, it welcomes more concrete approaches to strengthening Rainbow Families in Belize, navigating the complexity of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity, without making the sexualization of the LGBT community the focus of its advocacy.

OC recently launched 02 new projects aimed at strengthening ties within the local LGBT community.The projects, Sexual Acceptance for Everyone and Widening the Concept of Families in Belize, start in July.

According to OC, the first project, Sexual Acceptance for Everyone, is an 18-month participatory study which will be documenting LGBT individuals’ participation in Belize’s society and economy while recording what challenges the population faces.

The study will also hold concrete recommendations in promoting economic and social inclusion of LGBT persons. With this project, OC will manage a working capital fund facilitating in market access for members’ products while also generating income for the organization.

The second project, Widening the Concept of Families in Belize, is a 6-month project which is a participatory study as well. It aims to document the existence of same-sex couples and LGBT-led families (Rainbow Families) while striving to strengthen the advocacy for an inclusive interpretation to the term ‘family’.

With this study, OC will identify and support ‘Rainbow Families’ in their rights to creating and protecting their families.

In the end, both projects of OC allows engaging in capacity developmental activities, not only for OC’s leadership, but for members of the community as well, while also building on OC’s Strengthening LGBT Families Against Social Inequality programme.


A tiny country like Belize is truly leading the way, albeit through its NGO, in interweaving inclusiveness and integration of ‘Rainbow Families’ into the fabric and culture of this beautiful, scenic nation.



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