Six Of The Best Songs By LGBTQIA+ Artists Released In 2020

Six Of The Best Songs By LGBTQIA+ Artists Released In 2020

LGBTQIA+ artists are releasing tons and tons of great and wonderful music. Especially now, more than ever. Here is a list of some of best songs you need to add to your playlist right away.

Lady Gaga – “Sine From Above” ft. Elton John:

An EDM banger and Elton John featuring in it? Yes, in theory it sounds like a bad, bad idea. But when queen Lady Gaga gets her long time collaborator and mentor on board for this triumphant electro-pop anthem “Sine from Above”, it’s just a wonderful burst of music. This number is one of the standout tunes from her latest album Chromatica.

The production which is excellent is also a part of what makes this song beautifully work. It consists of BloodPop, BURNS, Axwell, LIOHN, Rami Yacoub and Klahr. This song goes out from sorrow piano chords, then strengthens into excellent synths chorus followed by hardcore drums pounding. However when Elton and Gaga sing together, each of their powerful voices amplify them and put more emphasis on the song’s message. ‘A connection can help you find healing’.

Dorian Electra – “Sorry Bro (I Love You)”:

Dorian Electra simply loves undermining the power of masculinity stereotypes. The performance artist and musician did this on their debut album, Flamboyant, which came out in 2019; with songs such as “Man to Man”, “Career Boy”, and “Guyliner”. Now, they’ve created a new song called “Sorry Bro (I Love You)”, which makes fun of all the straight boys who only ever say “no homo”; to anyone of their guy friends every time their masculinity, which is super fragile, might be attacked.

This song is produced by 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady and Count Baldor and Co-written by Mood Killer. Full of dubstep drops and bombastic and industrial sound effects, this track is a perfect match for Dorian’s theatrical tricks.

Shivum Sharma – “Diamond”:

Shivum Sharma, an Irish Indian artist, said that his inspiration is Minnie Riperton the soul singer. This influence is clearly seen in his latest single “Diamond”. His high toned voice trembles and soars with noticeably slight sorrow over this soul inflecting, soothing track.

It perfectly reflects the lyrics of this song – he asks a person in his life to “fly” as “chains lift”. Sharma ended up building a warm blanket of voices that are heavenly by adding more layers of vocals. This song also comforts and shields you from grief.

Da Brat – “Quarantine With You” ft. Kito Abashi and M I S T E R:

Da Brat, a legendary rapper, publicly came out as bisexual in March and confirmed her relationship with Jesseca Dupart an entrepreneur. She is the first woman rapper, who went platinum with Funkdafied – her debut album in 1994. This 46 year old artist released her latest single in June 2020. It’s a tender jam of R&B , “Quarantine With You”, and it basically seems to be a dedication to her beloved partner. And also her happiness about the fact that her relationship is no more a secret.

“Said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody/But I couldn’t keep it to myself,” she softly sings, before heading off into a rap which that outlines everything she absolutely loves about locked in with her partner.

Honey Dijon’s Remix of Jessie Ware’s “Ooh La La”:

What’s Your Pleasure, Jessie Ware’s new album is stacked up with disco bangers that give us the visions of Studio 54 liberatory raves. Disco music as well as club spaces which played it, became a solid birthplace for house music invention back in the 80s. However, there is no other better person to remix Jessie Ware than Honey Dijon the very own Chicago house boss. What’s even better, she is teasing her own new album’s arrival.

“Ooh La La” is converted into a vibrating, feet moving house track at the hands of producer/DJ’s hands. The funky elements, the lines blurring two different genres which stand as a tribute to the house’s origin – still remain the same however.

Michael Love Michael – “JFC”:

Michael Love Michael, a NYC based artist, combines elements of noise, industrial, electronic and R&B music to create their unique blend of pop music which is transgressive. “JFC” their latest single, is probably the catchiest song yet. It’s filled with hum worthy sing-song rhymes and it’s way far from ‘basic’. Also Michael sings about punishing a powerful figure in their life on the trip-hop song that is co-produced by Rich Dasilva. “I got time for my freedom,” they sing in a soft, whispery, snake like voice while defending their own autonomy with a sinister, notorious intensity.

“‘JFC‘ is simply a power statement from me, acknowledging these truths, and that we [no] longer owe — nor have we ever owed — a system that doesn’t respect us,” Michael told of this song in a statement. “Embedded in my lyrics is the idea that as Black people, we are culture and so therefore we can rebuild a new system, with allies of all kinds who imagine a more equitable world, one that cares for people and planet equally.”

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