Binge Over these LGBTQ+Podcasts this weekend!

Binge Over these LGBTQ+Podcasts this weekend!

Pride month is almost here, are you looking for an awesome new queer podcast to binge?

Podcasts are blooming into a safe space for queer people to spotlight fascinating stories from the LGBTQ community. With humor, artistry, and empathy, queer podcasters are championing the people and the movements that have shaped our shared history.

There are tons of queer content creators making fun podcasts on relatable and educational topics. Just to keep the community informed and inspired. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pride-worthy podcasts that will appeal to LGBTQ millennials everywhere.

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Here’s some of the best and most popular, many of which have been recommended by FSOG:

1. David’s Out For A Good Time:

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Hosted by David Olshanetsky, “David’s Out For a Good Time” is a brand new, Spotify original podcast. David Olshanetsky is the most popular LGBTQ+ Tumblr accounts in the world. David and co-host Naledi discuss growing up online, LGBTQ+ life and a whole host of pop culture topics.


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Jeffrey Masters interviews TV & film personalities from the LGBTQ+ community. Perfect for anyone who loves name-dropping anecdotes, and behind the scenes stories from relatable stars.

3.Brotha Speak:

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A weekly series of interviews put the spotlight on distinguished Black LGBTQ+ people. Totally perfect for dreamers, visionaries, and listeners who aspire to achieve great things.

4. If These Ovaries Could Talk:

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Lesbian mums Robin Hopkins and Jamie Kelton get up close and personal with guests, as they discuss making babies and raising families in non-traditional ways. Perfect for parents and those who’d like to be parents.

5. Keep It:

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Hosts Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel, are responsible for epic finger snap. Bone-shatteringly funny takes—filtered through a queer lens—on pop culture triumphs.

6.For the Girls:

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Hosts Jason Black and Nick Westrate talk about Obsessive queers bow down to the iconic female divas. We’re talking Aretha Franklin, Joan Crawford, Cher, Bette Midler, Carol Burnett, Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, and all of the Golden Girls. Everyone who makes them scream-weep.

7. Queerology:

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Host Matthias Roberts, who holds a master’s degrees in both counseling and theology, conversing with philosophers, poets, priests, and psychologists. All just to better understand the intersection of faith and sexuality. And how “bad theology” has peddled theories about the necessary separation of those two realms for too long.

8. To L and Black:

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Hosts Riese Bernard and Kristin Russo, rightfully pay homage to the loving, breathing, fighting, crying, drinking, dreaming women who paved the way for LGBTQ shows of today.


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LGBTQ+ musicians and bands are showcased in interviews and mixtapes. Perfect for audiophiles and culture aficionados.

10.Queering Desi:

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Priya Arora interviews queer South Asian people to learn how they became who they are today, and how they’re helping to lift the burden of representation. Perfect for people of South Asian heritage who are searching for voices that sound like theirs. And others who want to learn.

11. Harold, They’re lesbians:

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Erika and Nikki analyze all the best new stuff coming out from queer lady creators in music, TV, film, and more. Perfect for people with strong opinions on comics superheroes, the Met Gala, and all the culture in between.

12. Dumb, Gay Politics:

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Julie Goldman (the gay) and Brandy Howard (the dumbass) dissect political news every Tuesday. Perfect for the politics junky who likes their facts served with a heaping spoonful of feelings.

13. Naked & Inside Out:

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This lifestyle podcast offers a glimpse into the everyday experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, from coming out to finding a career path. Perfect for anyone looking for relatable stories and inspirational messages.

14. Queery:

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Host Cameron Esposito, The stand-up comedian—and one-time owner of quite possibly the world’s gayest side mullet—conduct hour-long, heartfelt conversations with diverse members of the LGBTQ community.

15. Lovett or Leave It:

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Host John Lovett, The openly gay MC queers the political download with rants on anti-LGBTQ legislation and sporadic installments of “gay news,” in which Lovett waxes poetic on everything from Disney villains with queer undertones.

16. Unscrewed:

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Host Jaclyn Friedman talks to guests about politics and culture of sex and takes questions from listeners seeking sex advice. Perfect for people who are passionate about sexual justice and/or sex itself.

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Hosts Kathy Tu and Tobin Low, the show possesses This American Life vibes and shares surprising personal stories from allies and everyday queers—a United Methodist pastor whose coming out is at odds with her church; an older man who adopted his partner before same-sex marriage was legal—who aren’t always passed the mainstream mic.

18. Making Gay History:

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Host Eric Marcus emotionally glimpses into the lives of unsung, if not entirely sidelined, trailblazers who made their mark on the LGBTQ civil rights movement—people like Vito Russo, Jean O’Leary, Bayard Rustin, and Del Martin.

19. Wolves in the City:

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Hosts Lee Gray, Karnage Kills, and DJ Jay Jay Revlon have conversations about urban black men exploring their sexuality. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a raunchy, good time.

20. Getting Curious:

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Host Jonathan Van Ness, every week, the lusciously bearded Queer Eye guru sits down with a different specialist (from historians to surgeons and musicians) to spill tea and get answers to burning questions.

Podcasts are most comfortable presenting stories solely in relation to coming out, transitioning. Podcasts are getting popular, many of which are explicitly, overtly, outrageously queer. These 20 are the best of the best and the queerest of the queer.


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