Blind Date With FSOG- Valentine’s Day Special

Blind Date With FSOG- Valentine’s Day Special

This week we decided to do something different for Valentine’s Day for the LGBTQ+ community.  Since we could not find a date for ourselves we decided to set other people up on a blind date. And it turned out to be quite exciting.

Blind dating with FSOG

There are many ways to find dates. You can meet people at the bar, the movies, or even online. Most people are shy to go up and talk to the person they find attractive. Especially when you are from the LGBTQ+ community.  FSOG decided to make things easy for all you people out there in the hopes of playing cupid this Valentine’s Day. Hence, we decided to bring together two people from the LGBTQ community and set them up on a blind date with some food and drinks.

We picked out a quite and somewhat romantic place to bring them together. They were made to feel as comfortable as possible. We made sure it was a safe space for the two to spend quality time with each other.

Moreover, we gave them an ample amount of time where they could talk to each other and get to know each other better. It is hard to open up with someone on their first meeting. However, these two were sporting enough to give it a shot.

How it all started?

Last week we created a set of questions on a form and sent it out to the LGBTQ+ community. We wanted to know more about the people who were interested in being set up on a blind date. A questionnaire was sent out to a bunch of people and we got loads of responses.

Many lesbians responded to the form. We also got responses from trans women, gay men, pansexuals and many more from the LGBTQ+ community. It is exciting to see so many people were interested in being set up on a blind date.

After we got our responses, we shortlisted two people who we thought would make a great couple for the blind date. We called Silk who is runner Alina Miss India 2019. Silk is a transwoman who is a model and an actress. She seemed super excited as she had never been on a blind date before.

The other person we shortlisted was John. John is an engineer from Andra. John was looking for a transwoman to date. Hence, we thought the two would make an extremely compatible match.

We called the couple and they were super excited to be a part of this date.

Time for the blind date

silk at the blind date/ blind date/Blind Date With FSOG. Valentine's Day Special

Silk and John had never seen or met each other before. This was a surprise for both of them. The couple was called to Hungry Hippie in Koramangala. A small, cute cafe in the middle of the city. The place was quiet with good music and very friendly staff. The food and drinks are something to look out for at the cafe.

John and Silk were called to the cafe with a 15-minute gap so that they did not end up bumping into each other before the date started. We blindfolded the couple and sat them on the table facing each other.

Silk said, “I’m nervous but also curious to know who he is.” She added, “It felt like that moment where you just wait.”

They opened the blindfold together and saw each other for the very first time. They seemed excited to see each other.

We left the couple for about an hour so they could have some alone time with each other. And get to know one another. They ordered a few drinks and starters at Hungry Hippie. They seemed to be having a fun conversation with each other.

john and silk on the blind date/ blind date/Blind Date With FSOG. Valentine's Day Special

After the date

John and Silk said that they had a good talk and got to know each other. However, we wanted to play a little game with them to see how compatible they are.

So John and Silk came back to the studio. We asked them individually how they felt about the blind date.

John said, “I didn’t really expect this. No words to express.”

It was the first blind date for both John and Silk. And they said they had a really good experience and got to know a lot about each other.

Later we got the two together and threw some interesting questions at them to see how much they have really paid attention to the other. And surprisingly they had. They exceed our expectations of how well they knew each other at the very first meet.

The real question is would they be interested in meeting each other again after this blind date?

Well, why not watch the video to find out more about how the date went and what happened after.

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