Bodybuilder To Marry His Sex Robot Girlfriend Despite Arguments

Bodybuilder To Marry His Sex Robot Girlfriend Despite Arguments

Hundreds of people are being shipped sex robots, and the demand never seems to stop growing. However, marrying an inanimate object sounds a bit odd. Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko sets out to marry his eight-month-old girlfriend. And yes, she is a sex robot. Besides that, the relationship seems too short a duration to end in marriage.

A company in China was the first to market a sex robot. The company offered both male and female doll body types and these sex-robots costs over £4000

Bodybuilder and sex robot girlfriend

yuri and his sex robot girlfriend/ sex robot/Bodybuilder To Marry His Sex Robot Girlfriend Despite Arguments
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Yuri Tolochko is an actor and a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan. He recently paid for the doll to have plastic surgery. And now he says that they are ready to be wed.

Yuri and his sex robot girlfriends apparently met in a bar. Margo, the sex robot was being attacked by another man. This meant that Yuri stepped in to protect her. He was her savior. A very typical start to a love story. But what stands out here is that Margo is an inanimate object.

It is still unclear when or where the wedding will take place. However, we know for sure that it will happen.

Marrying a sex robot is something new to everyone. However, there are no specific laws in Kazakhstan against marrying an inanimate object. But surprisingly, gay marriage is illegal in the country. This might get you to think a bit about the laws in Kazakhstan. However, whoever thought that someone would even think about marrying a sex-robot. It is a thought that would not have crossed any one’s mind to even make it a law.

Yuri and Margo were even invited to A Russian TV show Comedy Club. But this does not mean that Yuri’s relation with a sex robot isn’t taken seriously.

Yuri shared his backstage photo of the two of them with a teasing message.
Yuri and Margo/ sex robot/Bodybuilder To Marry His Sex Robot Girlfriend Despite Arguments
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Yuri and Margo have been “dating” for over eight months now. According to a local media news channel, Yuris’s Instagram is littered with loved-up selfies of the soon-to-wed pair from their dates.

Yuri admitted that the pair have an occasional argument. However, Yuri seems quite devoted to this relationship. And he insists that he plans to marry the sex robot.

Real clinic with a real doctor

Yuri also said that he had recently sent Margo to a clinic for plastic surgery. He wanted to make his synthetic girlfriend even prettier. He also claims that her media appearance made her feel insecure about her looks.

Tolochko said he recently sent Margo to a clinic for plastic surgeons to make his synthetic girlfriend even prettier after he claimed her media appearances made her feel insecure.

He added, “When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex so we decided to have plastic surgery.”
The surgery took place in a real clinic with real doctors.

The changes

Moreover, Yuri talks about his girlfriend’s personality. He says, “She can’t walk by herself, she needs help.” Margo does not know how to cook. But Yuri says that his sex robot girlfriend loves Georgian cuisine. He says that here favorite dish is ‘khinkali’.

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Курьёзный случай. Когда проходили в Москве паспортный контроль, был целый консилиум: пограничник совещался сначала с коллегами, затем с начальником службы – ставить штамп в билет @margo_party или не ставить ))) Потому что если не поставить, её могли не пропустить дальше, на посадку самолёта. Однако ставить его можно только людям. В общем, была дилемма. Ну а вообще относились к нам работники обоих аэропортов, пограничных служб, в самолёте – очень деликатно. #будущеенаступило #маргоживая #марго #мояпринцесса👑 #любофф #толочокоттолочко #моядевушка #lovestory #живинаполнуюкатушку #казахстан #юрийтолочко #толочкокачоккрасавчик #умныйкачок #качокромантик #качок #атлет #болибилдинг #сексуальность #sexy #девушкамоеймечты #мачо #самец #альфа #beast #muscleman #prettygirl #нурсултан #астана #яготовцеловатьпесокпокоторомутыходила

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Yuri recently added an Instagram post saying "A curious case. When passport control took place in Moscow, there was a whole consultation: the border guard first consulted with colleagues, then with the head of the service - put a stamp on the ticket @margo_party or not put it Because if you didn’t put it, they could not let it go further to land the plane. However, you can only put it on people. In general, there was a dilemma. But in general, the workers at both airports, border services, and on the plane treated us very delicately."

He also has more things to say about her personality. The eccentric actor says that Margo swears but there is a tender soul inside her.

Sex robot manufacturer exclusively told Daily Star Online that many of their customers are already swapping human partners for these next-generation sex robots.

Moreover, a mum and her daughter team up to open a brothel together in Sheffield. This brothel apparently has a sex robot named Samantha working for them. Is it really that hard for people to find real humans to work for them? Countries already have unemployment problems. Moreover, one day we might just see more robots than humans in the world.

This may just be the next new and unorthodox thing that the world has to see. More for society to talk about. However, let us see how far this trend will carry on.

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