Brazilian Netflix Film Depicts Jesus As Gay

Brazilian Netflix Film Depicts Jesus As Gay

Porta dos Fundos a Brazilian YouTube comedy group released a movie this Christmas. What made it a big hit was not the film itself. The outburst of success the film gained was because of the content it played. The Netflix movie The First Temptation of Christ portrays Jesus as gay. This caused widespread anger among the Brazilians. Hence, it led people to sign a petition to ban the film from Netflix.

The story is what caused the outbreak.

A still from the movie/ Brazil
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The 45 min Christmas film feature a gay Jesus who brings his boyfriend Orlando, to meet the family. Well, that is just the beginning. The film apparently moves forward with more unorthodox events. Scenes of Mary planning to run away and abandon Joseph is one of them. To add to which three men enter with a prostitute and try to sell snacks made of ham saying it is soy. Episodes like this make the film a little offensive.

This made the Brazilians and other religious communities angry to see a portrayal of Jesus in such a way. asked people to sign a petition to ban the film from Netflix. Moreover, Brazil is an extremely religious country. Also, both the Catholic Church and the evangelical Christian movements criticize the LGBTQ+ communities frequently.  More than 2 million people have signed this petition to remove the film. Therefore, it shows how many people are actually offended by the show.

Federal Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro—son of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro—tweeted that “we are in favor of freedom of expression, but is it worth attacking the faith of 86% of the population?”

Also this is not the only film by Porta dos Fundos that caused so much commotion. Last year they released a similar movie The Last Hangover. This movie was very similar to Todd Phillips The hangover except this involved the search to find Jesus after a heavy drinking session the previous night.

Two million votes and many more tweets. Brazilian are offended.

Netflix to cancel show after petition/ Brazil
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Brazil has more Catholics compared to any other country. And Porta dos Fundos is a Brazilian group. It is probably on them to create such a film. Apart from the petition signed, there were numerous posts on Twitter and other social media platforms that showed the hatred of many people. Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President called it garbage and insisted on Twitter that the group should not represent Brazilian society.

Though there was no response from Netflix about the petition or any other comments. People kept tweeting about how disrespectful the show was towards the religion. There were about more than 100,000 tweets about the topic.

‘Dear @netflix You have a right to your beliefs, but so do I. I also have the right to no longer fund you making fun of my beliefs. Jesus was not gay or a drunk. This is disrespectful. I pray you never do the same to other religions. But Jesus forgives you & He still loves you.

This and many other comments were posted on the topic. In response to these comments, Porta dos Fundos also made a statement to defend their show. They believe that freedom of speech is not really the issue. The artists are free to mock anything they like for most parts of it. Yes, it is true that most of them do. But religion is not something to jape about. Mainly, when the country is filled with religious sects.

values artistic freedom and humor through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society and believes that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country.’

Gay Jesus is not funny. Neither is being gay.

In most religions, being gay is an abomination. Being LGBTQ is always looked down upon. There are many shows and movies that make religion into a joke. We can see why Brazil got so angry about the show. It is a valid reason. If it was any other religion that was being talked about, people would not take it lightly as well. For instance, South Park was not allowed to be aired on its network. It shows another religious figure being mocked about. Same way, a Canadian activist was banned from entering the United Kingdom for distributing leaflets that read Allah is gay.

This and many more were a conflict of interest. Some say god is everything. He is black and white. Straight and gay. But that is not really the point here. The fact that something could upset a community to such an extent should just be avoided by artists. There are many ways one can portray LGBTQ+ individuals. And maybe this time, they took it too far.

But tell us what you think.

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