Which LGBTQ+ Celeb Couple Should Adopt You?

Which LGBTQ+ Celeb Couple Should Adopt You?

We have always idealized the brave and beautiful LGBTQ+ celeb couple from the entertainment industry. We look up to them for courage and zeal! Be it Ellen and Portia or RuPaul and Georges LeBar; Elton John and David Furnish or Tan and Rob France; or be it the cutest couple, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka; All of them have achieved so much in life, both on screen and off screen!

Despite all odds, these couples found each other and fought to stay together and love each other unconditionally. They earned a name for themselves in this world; and they made their way into our hearts by doing what they love and being who they were; and we admire that to all extents.

Wouldn’t it be great if our favorite LGBTQ+ Celeb Couple could just adopt us and we could grow with their love? It would be awesome to live among these delightful people. We could learn to love and accept not only ourselves, but also all the people around us. They’ll teach us how to be fearless and be who our heart wants us to be! And, let’s be honest; Who doesn’t want to live life Celebrity style? Take the quiz to know your future Celeb folks!


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