Celina Jaitly- the Bollywood actress who is empowering the LGBT

Celina Jaitly- the Bollywood actress who is empowering the LGBT

A Woman of substance, an Indian Bollywood actress, a former beauty queen and winner of the prestigiCelinaJaitleyFSoG2ous Femina Miss India Universe 2001, is a now a proud mother of two twins and a vociferous proponent of abolition of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code.CelinaJaitleyFSoG3

Jaitly said she became an LGBT activist 10 years ago because "the very people who made me what I am today" came from that community, including a transgender makeup artist who
, without her knowledge, filled out the form to enter her in the Miss India contest. After he passed away, she decided to come out of her idea of utopia and do something to make a difference in people’s lives.

An active supporter of abolishing the Section 377 of the IPC, she has been involved with the LGBT community in many ways. She took part in the Mumbai gay pride March to support sexual minorities. 

On 16 April 2009, India's first gay magazine Bombay Dost, was re-launched by Celina Jaitley in Mumbai


Bollywood star Celina Jaitley has braved threats to fight for LGBT rights in India.

A mother of two-year old twins, has said that she has received threats for supporting gays and lesbians but will continue to work towards achieving equality for the community.

"I do not want ... my children to grow up in an environment where people are judged based on their sexual orientation," she said. "I want my sons to grow up in a world where people are judged on the content of their character."

Jaitley, the goodwill ambassador of UN Free and Equal Campaign, made her singing debut by voicing the song for the campaign produced by UN in typical Bollywood song-and-dance style for the first time. Her song named, “The Welcome” crossed over a million views in a short span of time.



Gay rights activists have long argued that the current law reflects British colonial standards of morality and not Indian traditions. Recently, the Bollywood actress received the prestigious Harvey Milk award which she dedicated to two Bangladeshi activists who were murdered and said she wants to share it with Indian LGBT activists.


Following her lead, it is imperative for Bollywood actors, who are worshipped in India, to come forward and support Human Rights and help make the world a better place to live- for all.