Charan Bangaram: Meet India’s Celebrated Gay Pornstar!

Charan Bangaram: Meet India’s Celebrated Gay Pornstar!

Everyone on this planet, or let’s say 99% of them, happen to watch porn at least once in their life. Obviously, most of them louuu porn and make it their best pass time, or a way of destressing. And there are others who don’t like it, in fact they cringe away from it. But the thing about porn which anyone will agree to is – everything you see in the video is 90% fake. And that real life sex is absolutely nothing like we see.

I’ve always wondered if adult entertainers truly like their job. And will they also agree to the fact that porn sets an unusual expectation to real life hook ups?

Well, this week FSOG exclusively spoke with Charan Bangaram, a celebrated gay pornstar from Hyderabad, Telangana. Charan is a 30 year old bisexual who started his journey as a fitness model and gradually found his way into the male adult entertainment industry – as way to make ends meet.

Dive in to find out what Charan has to say about the adult entertainment industry and why he thinks the LGBTQ community will be better accepted by society with more queer pornstars and queer porn content.

Understanding your sexuality: 

I come from a rural area and we didn’t even know what’s the meaning of LGBT. Men having sex with each other is very normal and is not treated as a sin. For us, sex was just fun between friends. Only at a later stage did I learn that it could also be a more permanent choice like a sexual identity.  We never experienced it as something abnormal. On the contrary, it was very natural because girls were completely out of reach. I always had a muscular body due to spending long hours in physical labor so my friends were always attracted to my physique; and I enjoyed the sexual interactions with them . For us it was just masti.

charan bangaram/charan bangaram/Charan Bangaram: Meet India's Celebrated Gay Pornstar!

It was not until I came to the big city that I realized those feelings were something more profound than just masti. Then I got to know through interactions with people who embraced their seed duality without any prejudices. They were very brave to defy society and conventions. It’s through them as an example that I became brave enough to express myself without any limitations.

Coming out to family and friends:

I don’t hide anything to my family, though I cannot really say they understand the depth of it. Especially given my job as nude model and adult entertainer, there have been difficult moments when one of my bold content gets noticed by them. However, they understand this is as livelihood and they respect it.

Finding your way into the adult entertainment industry: 

It came in a very natural way to me. I never had envisioned it. My main profession is a fitness trainer. I only started fitness modelling as a way to top up my salary which was very low. Most of the photographers wanted to take my naked pics. So even if I was very shy at the beginning it became very normal for me. Then one of the leading male photographers in India suggested that I could open a website to share hot content with my fans, and that’s how everything started.

Indian porn scene behind the screen:

The funny thing is that there is no Indian porn scene as such. The bulk of it is a myriad of amateur low quality homemade videos that circulate through certain websites. And there are very few production houses like FlizMovies or Junglegstring.

charan bangaram/charan bangaram/Charan Bangaram: Meet India's Celebrated Gay Pornstar!

This situation has become a bit better with platforms like OnlyFans, where we can work more on a freelancing basis. Everyone contribute with their own work, models and photographers, and we all monetize the content though our respective accounts.

Why do you think more light on LGBTQ pornstars will help the society in better accepting the queer community:

For me it’s about normalization. Without being judgmental on the value of porn, if we accept that there is heterosexual porn then there should also be LGBTQ porn.

For our community it is important that society understands queer community is an integral part of it and present in all ways of life, also in porn.

Your family and friend’s reaction to your chosen career: 

I always say jokingly that I’m a victim of a double prosecution: I am a pornstar (which is taboo in India) and on top of that I am from the community. So definitely that doesn’t go well with friends and family. Oddly enough it’s my gay friends from which I hear more concerns and more disapproval about my profession. Although it is true that I have wonderful gay friends too, who are very supportive.

Straight friends just look at me as something uncomfortable and somewhat disturbing. But in general they admire my courage. My family understands that I am the only one earning and it is what it is.

Do you get any sexual pleasure or is it all only acting?

We do get sexual pleasure, it’s sex after all! The challenges come when you are not in mood and the body doesn’t cooperate.

Let’s admit it. All men suffer from erection problems occasionally and it is a serious problem when you have to perform.

Also, the long shootings, the interruptions etc. There are moments of pleasure, but in general a porn shooting can be the most boring thing that you could imagine! And there are times when it’s super exciting and great. It depends on the day to be honest.

Porn sets very high expectations for sex and most of it is absolutely fake. Do you agree with this?

Yes. What people don’t understand is that porn is a performance. When the hero kisses the heroine in the movie it’s not real love. This is the same.

charan bangaram/charan bangaram/Charan Bangaram: Meet India's Celebrated Gay Pornstar!

When we lose the mood we take a break, we make pauses, etc. All that is cut out during video editing and all you get to see is a perfect stamina and endurance of athletic sexual positions. It’s nothing but a fantasy!

What’s the most awkward moment you ever faced while shooting?

Cumshots! They can just go in any unpredictable direction.

Does it ever feel like your desire for sex is lessening with every shoot?

It’s a mixed feeling: on one hand I would say that sex performance is like any other skill, which gets better with practice. On the other hand sex is like a tasty meal, if you have too much of it, it also causes saturation. In those cases I take refuge in focusing on my fitness or any artistic work (music, painting etc)?

It’s good to take a break from time to time.

Did the pandemic put a dent on your career?

Quite the opposite. It helped because we got more fans, because are bored at home. But I was frustrated because we had to stop doing shoots.
Anyways we have resumed again.

What is the common misconception of people when it comes to pornstars?

They think we are always ready for sex. NO dear, we are not sex machines.

If not this, then what is your preferred career?

I would have loved to be a musician. Music and arts in general are the only remaining truths in this world of false pretense that surrounds us. The only transcendental experiences are those that were attained through the contemplation of artistic works.

Would you suggest adult entertainment as a preferable career choice to someone?

If you think you have it in you, then why not! I mean in the west people with great bodies and sexual magnetism have always had it as an option and now we have lot of fitness trainers and athletes out of job due to pandemic.

charan bangaram/charan bangaram/Charan Bangaram: Meet India's Celebrated Gay Pornstar!

But it is important to do it from the understanding that there is no turning point. Once your content is out there, there is no regret possible. Think it twice.

What do you think of platforms such as Fifty Shades Of Gay?

I think they are a great vehicle for normalization and reaching out. If one day in a remote corner of rural India like the one I grew up, a confused boy comes across my content which inspires him to lose fear and understand that he is not alone – that is the sweetest reward for me. The ability to touch others life and raise our fellows from the darkness of exclusion.

Your one piece of advice for people who are scared to come out of the closet or chase their dreams.

One life only baby. The society that you care so much for, it’s not going to put food on your plate when things go wrong. So you know what? Fuck society (literally), in my case. ☺️

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