Chick-fil-A Makes Unappreciated Splashes, Community Calls Them Out

Chick-fil-A Makes Unappreciated Splashes, Community Calls Them Out

Everybody knows and loves Chick-fil-A. It is one of the largest fast-food chains in the United States of America. That said, lately, Chick-fil-A has been on the news for all the wrong reasons. The franchise is under the radar for indirectly supporting anti-LGBTQ+ organisations. Furthermore, people are tagging the brand as homophobic.

The community is very aware of its supporters and those who aren’t. But mostly, they make note of those who are anti-LGBT+ and make sure to condemn them. And this time, the Franchise feels the heat.

But if you’re wondering what went down and how it all went so haywire, here is the complete story:

Contribution to Uganda

In October 2019, people began to accuse Chick-fil-A of being anti-LGBTQ+. This rose from the news that the franchise contributed to Uganda’s new introduction of the death penalty for homosexuality.

A Ugandan Government Minister, for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo announced that the government aims to make homosexual acts punishable by death. Furthermore, the National Christian Foundation, and the WinShape Foundation are backing up this announcement. What does a fast-food chain have to do with this? Well, Chick-fil-A is closely linked to the WinShape Foundation.

It all roughly began with this one tweet by Sloppy Posts.

The post definitely got people talking and boycotting Chick-fil-A in their own ways. The food chain was founded in 1967. And has about 2,400 outlets in the US and Canada. So you would expect them to clear the air. But so far, there has been no concrete reply.

The Murky Waters:

The Ugandan Ministers have been wading through the waters very cleverly. According to Reuters news agency, Lokoda stated that the country’s government intended to revive a failed 2014 bill. A bill called the “Kill the Gays” bill back then. According to the bill, the “grave acts” of homosexuality would be punishable by death.

Reuters also reported that the bill would impose the death penalty on homosexuals and the legislation would ‘curb a rise in unnatural sex in the east African nation’. The bill was nullified five years ago but the government clearly wants to bring it back.

According to BBC, the Ugandan minister did not signal an intent to legalize the murder of LGBT people, and his remarks were quickly contradicted by the government. Makes Unappreciated Splashes, Community Calls Them Out
Image Courtesy: Fox News

And secondly, the extent to which National Christian Foundation-funded entities are involved in the creation or promotion of this bill is unclear.

Oh No Lokodo

Simon Lokodo received responses from the LGBT+ community as well as the Ugandan government itself. While the community was up in arms, the government just had to ensure that Lokodo’s words were understood as intended.

And unlike the tweet from Sloppy Posts that says homosexual people will be murdered, the bill only criminalises “homosexual” acts. (Is that any better?) According to Lokodo,

“Our current penal law is limited. It only criminalises the act. We want it made clear that anyone who is even involved in promotion and recruitment has to be criminalised. Those that do grave acts will be given the death sentence.”


Lokodo stated that the bill supported by President Yoweri Museveni. And its re-introduction in parliament is in a few weeks. It is also expected to be voted on before the year-end.

Chick-fil-A supports Anti-LGBT+

As much as the franchise states that they have no political or social agenda. And yet they go on to donate huge sums of money in the pockets of anti-LGBT+ organizations. Even the company’s owner has said that he is against homosexual marriages.

The company has donated to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Paul Anderson Youth Home and the Salvation Army. None of them believe in acceptance and the inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community. Makes Unappreciated Splashes, Community Calls Them Out
Image Courtesy: CBC News

Reading Pride Boycotts Restaurant in the UK

On October 10th, the third-largest fast-food chain in the US finally made its way into the UK. With a British restaurant debut last week in the Oracle shopping centre, in Reading. But with the questionable position, Chick-fil-A is in right now, the boycott is inevitable.

An organization called the Reading Pride now calls for a peaceful protest in front of the pilot chain on Saturday. Martin Cooper, the Chief Executive of Reading Pride told BerkshireLive that the group wishes to achieve a larger goal of getting the “abhorrent” restaurant shut down. 

Chick-fil-A still claims to focus on great food and genuine hospitality. The actions performed by the chain proves they have taken the anti-LGBTQ+ stance. Even if we try and separate the business and service from the people who run it, it does not minus the fact that the money we spend goes towards anti-LGBTQ+ organizations.

This is the perfect case that dictates us to look for business ethics and voices behind every business. This also tells us helps us question the kind of customers we want to be in this day and age.

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