Companies That Grow With Pride

Companies That Grow With Pride

Being LGBT friendly is not just good for a company’s image but it grows their business manifold, too. Many businesses are now seeing the light  and in turn earning the goodwill of the communities they operate in.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that communities and markets enjoy. One cannot afford to remain oblivious to the other, while change passes it by. More and more companies world over are realizing this and just as the LGBT movement gains traction in most countries, companies strive to portray a more inclusive face to appeal not just to the LGBT community but its allies too.


Similarly, it’s not just the company and its policies that are influenced by the society but the advertising by a company that impacts society as well.

The power of the visual medium cannot be overemphasized. And when that power is put to good use to tell a compelling story; the effect creates ripples which are felt for years and disrupts the existing status quo to birth something newer and better.

When you harness that power of storytelling and convey something that’s heart warming or funny or tear jerking within a window of seconds, it sticks in the mind of the viewers. Compels them to at least talk and debate about it at worst, if not change their attitude at best.

And what’s more! Your consumers view your brand in all new, softer light too.

MNCs world over are gradually changing mindsets with their LGBT+ advertising. Changing the way people view the concept of ‘family’ or the moment of coming out to your friends and parents. The idea that make up is for anyone or that gay doesn’t necessarily mean panso and ultra-feminine.

Coca-Cola even goes a step further and tries to dissolve other gender stereotypes. They are making ‘stay-at-home dads’, ‘working moms’ and ‘older mothers’ more acceptable among school children.


In effect, it is trying to ease these children into acknowledging differences as normal occurrences; so that they needn’t grow up looking down on any.

What might seem like a few seconds of annoying ad-breaks are soft instruments. Subconsciously, they alter the fabric of society as we view it today. Thread by thread; a warp and weft at a time, these global citizens are building a newer, more beautiful, more accepting and a more inclusive tapestry of the society we live in.

Lets celebrate these visible but largely ignored LGBT allies. They overtly promote our cause albeit while promoting their business interests too. We may or may not live to see a different world; but these brands will always live on.

Hopefully, even more will follow their precedent and join them year after year.

These companies will have the privilege of being ‘pioneering game changers’.

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