Do you love tantalizing? Strip-Teasing For Transgender Women!

Do you love tantalizing? Strip-Teasing For Transgender Women!

The transgender community has to go through enough their entire life. Transitioning, acceptance, legal challenges, pregnancy, and even housing. No aspect of their life is easy, and that is just sad. But we try and help in any way we can. Little or big. This could help every transgender add a little piece of oomph in their own lives. I’m talking about strip-tease.

Yes, yes, I can hear you scream out “DYSPHORIA” as loud as you can. And yes, this will make you feel more masculine or more feminine, whichever you prefer. And it is a fantastic pass-time for yourself or with your partner. This can also get your creative juices running and get in touch with yourself.

It is simple, easy, and really fun. You can convert it as a hobby if you wish and even become fitter. Doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or not, strip-tease is always fun.

Dancing Transgender Women

Few Important things you will need while rehearsing:

  1. Sexy lingerie
  2. A Sexy Song
  3. Space to dance in
  4. Dim lights
  5. Confidence

Watch a couple of striptease videos before you get down to it. There are a few basics that you can master before you choreograph an entire piece. Grinding, twerking, floor moves and strutting are essential moves that add to your dance persona. Giving yourself a sexy name, and pretending to be on a stage can also add to you as a performer.

If you are someone who can’t dance whatsoever, start with walking to a beat. Pick a song, any song, and walk to its beats. Once you master that, add a snap to every third or fourth beat depending on the song. Slowly build on it. Add a twirl, add a pause. Experiment.

If you are someone who can dance, then channel your inner Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna, Bipasha Basu, or whoever you think is drop-dead hot. Picks/Do you love tantalizing? Strip-Teasing For Transgender Women!
Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Now comes step one. Stripping. Stripping while dancing is not an easy task. It requires a certain amount of coordination and composure to take off your clothes while grooving to a beat.

The simplest way to do this is to wear clothes that are held together by ribbons, laces rather than buttons and hooks. You can also strip off sarees if it is held together at the waist by a ribbon of sorts. You have to rehearse wearing everything that you want to wear for a performance.

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Fun and kinky things to take off that don’t actually reveal all of you:

  1. Knee-high socks
  2. A warmer around your neck when you’re wearing a deep V neck
  3. A blazer that unveils a translucent shirt/inner

Leathers, satins, and silks are all great materials. Although, with leather, make sure you take care of the friction while dancing.

Also, here are outfits that will make you feel more feminine

  1. Corsets
  2. Short skirts
  3. Knee-high Socks
  4. Heels
  5. Fishnets Picks/Do you love tantalizing? Strip-Teasing For Transgender Women!
Image Courtesy: The New York Times

A few easy moves to get you started.

Go on your fours, now push your head forward, followed by your body, and come back up slowly. Once you have aced this, you can do the second part of the move with a butt pop. This move can be used for music that is slow-paced but has beats that stand out.

If you don’t mind using props, use a chair. This will allow you to sit with your legs crossed, wide open, and stretch it out in angles that highlight your long curvy legs. Especially with your heels on.

Waist movements. Admit it, moving your waist in circles, swinging it side to side, is as feminine as moves can get. Not just grinding and twerking, but even slower movements where your drop-down low and slowly raise yourself from your ankle to your butt, or the basic salsa moves can help you with it. Feel the feminine parts of you as much as you can.

Touching yourself. No, not like that. At least not for this. Touching parts of your body while you dance can help you get in touch with your feminine side. The arc right below your bust and the beginning of your torso, the lips, the curve of your neck, thighs, the small of your back, butt and the waist. If you’re wondering how to access the small of your back, put your hand across the small of your back, wriggle your fingers and snap while you move your waist. You will see what I mean.


And finally, the don’t(s)

  1. Don’t wear loose clothing unless you have a body-appreciative clothing underneath
  2. If you are transitioning, feel free to untuck. Tucking is painful and can only intensify when you dance. Ask the Drag queens if you like. What you can do instead is get padded underwear that gives you a clear appearance. They are not always bulky and will allow you to dance in comfort.
  3. Don’t cinch. Cinching is again extremely painful and will leave you feeling like death. If you do want to cinch to accentuate your curves, make sure you can still breathe
  4. Wear tight Bras. You can find plenty online that will not give you a clot around your chest. Be comfortable. Padded bras add curves and give you a neat look.
  5. Don’t grind from the front, grind using your butt.


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