Drag Queen Sparked National Debate For Story Time Performance

Drag Queen Sparked National Debate For Story Time Performance

Miss Mullen visited Glencoats Primary school to read a story to the kids about same-sex parent families. The drag queen uses the name Flow when she speaks to children and uses the name FlowJob when performing for adults.

The drag queen faced severe backlash after the visit to the school, along with harsh comments for her storytime performance.

Scottish National Party MP, Mhairi Black, who joined the entertainer gave talks about Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988. She also spoke about the government’s personal experiences with the outdated law that prevented schools from teaching about the LGBTQ+ community.

However, critics made the accusation about Flow’s character on her Twitter account. They mentioned that her page had controversial activity which was too explicit for children. Moreover, it questioned the school’s use of adult entertainers to educate children.

Drag Queen Mullen scared for her safety

miss mullen/ drag queen/Drag Queen Sparked National Debate For Story Time Performance
Image courtesy: Clydebank Post

Miss Mullen is a comedian and a drag queen. She said she was been branded a pedophile after visiting the primary school. This incident caused a major media storm.

Mullen introduces herself to the children as Flow. But after the Daily Post published her story about posting adult jokes on social media, Mullen became a target of vitriol. Moreover, she had used her stage name FlowJob on Twitter which made it worse.

“The worst part was being accused of being a pedophile,” she told the Daily Record.

Mullen said that she usually travels to gigs on public transport with a face full of makeup. And this did not bother her until now. She says, “I’ve never been scared to walk the streets the way I do before.”

“After being brought into the public eye, I don’t want people to recognize me in the streets.”

There was a lot of criticism from the anti-LGBTQ+ campaigners including the anti-trans group ForWomen.Scot.

Mullen responded to the backlash. She wrote on Twitter: “Who would have thought I would have got so much abuse for reading wains a storybook?”

She also added, “As the drag queen who read the story to the children it was amazing to see what the kids have learned, we live in a time where kids will be going to school with 2 mums/dads or LGBTQ+ family, we are showing them that it’s normal.”

The council apologies to the parents

Renfrewshire Council apologizes for their decision. They said that they would not have arranged Mullen’s visit if they had been aware of her posts on social media.

But according to Mullen, there was full disclosure between her and the school. “I do feel like I’ve been used by the council as a scapegoat,” she said. She also added, “I feel like it’s all been directed my way when all I did was go to do a job.”

Renfrewshire Council said that they were very sorry for the abuses Mullen had to face. They said they take full responsibility for what happens at the schools.

The statement also read that the pupils of Gencoats Primary are currently organizing a series of activities to mark LGBTQ+ history month.

The council added, “In discussion with pupils in their Rainbow Club, one of their requests was to invite people from the LGBT community to hear about their own experiences growing up and they wanted to invite a drag queen to talk to this group to hear about their own personal experience. Learning about values including equality and diversity has an important role in the school curriculum.”

Flowjob and Flow are completely different acts.

Miss Mullen addressed her critics and said that it was obvious that she was not going to bring her adult act into schools.

“Teachers in school are known as Mr and Miss but they are different people out of school.”

Mullen believes that every entertainer has to cater to their crowds. She changes content for her stand-up acts as well, accordingly.

She says, “I’m not going to go into a school and tell dirty jokes that I tell adults because that’s inappropriate, but if I go to read a storybook to kids, there’s no harm done.”

Mhairi Black shuts down critics

Mhairi Black/ drag queen/Drag Queen Sparked National Debate For Story Time Performance
Image courtesy: Coffee House – The Spectator

Mhairi Black who was at the school to give a talk about the Local Government Act hit back at critics saying Mullen was “completely transparent.”

She tweeted, “So many people in my mentions want acknowledgment of LGBT+ people shut down because you still think there’s something inappropriate in our existence.”

“You’re willing to see another generation of LGBT+ people growing up believing that who they are should be hidden away.”

She also adds, “Never mind the fact that doing so in the past has left a massively disproportionate number of LGBT+ people, generation after generation including my own, suffering severe mental health problems and higher suicide rates.

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