UK Drag Race Inspires the Unlikeliest of Crowds. Guess Who Attended It!

UK Drag Race Inspires the Unlikeliest of Crowds. Guess Who Attended It!

A drag race is a popular art form in recent times. Mainly it used to focus on adult audiences. But lately, a younger generation is getting attracted to it.

Drag race events.

RuPauls Drag race/ drag race
Image courtesy: Tubular Insights

There are many drag races that are being organized all over the world. And thousands are interested in watching them. In the US, author Michelle Tea has been organizing Drag Queen Story Hour events over the past five years. Drag queens from the various places are invited to take part. These events take place in libraries and bookshops. While these drag shows give kids glamour and positivity. They also give them queer role models.

Similar events are held worldwide including UK, Ireland, and Australia. But not all these events are met with positivity. There is still a bunch of people out there that protest drag queens and their events. Many have met with resistance and even violence.

People say that they are inappropriate for children. They say that they are baseless. Some people even feel that children are not safe around LGBTQ+ people.

Besides all these attacks the events are still very popular. And they continue to wow a young audience.

DragCon UK

Morgan McMichaels on the DragCon UK pink carpet/drag race
Image courtesy: PinkNews

The UK held its first-ever DragCon. PinkNews covered the story. There were a number of people who had attended the event. Many had pilgrimaged to Londons Olympia.

Amongst all those people who had attended, there were many young boys and girls that seemed interested in the drag race. It was nice to see how many youngsters had come forward. There were a lot of teenage girls that flocked the event in their masses. One of whom was Katie who is only fifteen years old.

To Katie drag is just a way of expressing oneself and having fun with what you are doing. To her, it is just about enjoying their lives the way they want to. At such a young age Katie understands that drag is nothing to be ashamed of. It is just a form of art like any other.

Gothy Kendoll is a 22-year-old drag race UK queen. She has an aesthetic Instagram account that makes here a natural hit among teenagers. Gothy told PinkNews that it means everything to her to have such a following. She also says she loves to see Katie and others like her attending the event.

Support from parents.

Some parents support their kids. And it is nice to see how they come out and have fun with them. Some youth are trying to figure out their identities. And it is nice to see how parents are supporting them in doing so.

Gothy says that attraction is an obvious one for youths. For those who are trying to figure out their identities.

“A lot of kids identify with dressing up, with exploring gender and sexuality. To see their families supporting them means the world.”

Some parents try to stop their kids from enjoying Drag. However, the idea is a bit ridiculous. For Sum Ting Wong, “the idea of stopping young people from enjoying drag is ridiculous. It’s like saying kids shouldn’t be allowed to listen to Lady Gaga. It’s an expression, it’s art.”

Drag is for all.

Kids at a drag race/ drag race
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Drag race is just an entertaining event. And drag is just an art form. There are some drag shows that are not appropriate for children. But that is just one part of the spectrum. Laila McQueen acknowledges this.

There are many forms of drag. There is an inappropriate drag, appropriate drag, political drag, fun drag, and educational drag. Like any other entertaining platform. Laila McQueen says, “I think there is a part in that spectrum that is appropriate for younger kids.”

There are hundreds of children at the DragCon. It is sensational. But Laila does not think drag is ‘not for’ anyone.

Jodie Harsh believes that there are different styles of drag that appeal to different groups.

“Drag is for people of all ages, kids love drag.”

If people are worried about drag turning their kids in a certain way, it is absolutely wrong. The only thing drag can change in a person is their confidence. Drag race is all about building that confidence to get up and do something that no not a lot of people can do.

Responding directly to anti-LGBT+ critics, Jodie Harsh said: “It’s not going to ‘turn’ kids any certain way.

She also says, “It’s just a lovely, harmless cultural moment, and luckily the parents here are open-minded and cool about allowing their children to appreciate the art form.”

Drag is not a bad thing. It is important to know that drag is just an art form that is set up to entertain. And nothing more.

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