Durex’s Queer Inclusive Ad Comes With An Important Message

Durex’s Queer Inclusive Ad Comes With An Important Message

The new touching LGBTQIA+ inclusive advertisement from Durex, comes with a very important message to the masses; with regards to sex in the age of COVID19 pandemic.

This advert was released as a part of Durex’s “Let’s Not Go Back to Normal” campaign. It’s a campaign that debates the coronavirus pandemic could help us push towards safer and better sex for anyone and everyone.

This powerful and meaningful ad featured queer singletons as well as the one who in a relationship. The ad also encouraged people to safeguard themselves and the ones around them from getting STDs via intercourse.

The Queer Inclusive Ad:

This Queer-inclusive Durex advertisement asks the masses to never return back to the normal, in this coronavirus age.

“Let’s not go back to normal. For too long, normal just wasn’t good enough. Normal was making rubbish excuses for not wearing a condom,” a voice over in the advert tells.

“It was shaming women for even carrying one. Normal was one million needless STIs every single day.

“So this is a call to arms, legs, bums and private parts. Let’s not go back to normal. The world has never been so ready for change, so let’s all change it for the better – for each other.

“‘Normal’ is rooted in a lot of outdated conventions when it comes to sex and we know we can do better.

“Sure, it’s been pretty weird lately. But weirdly, that’s what makes 2020 really important, so when it’s time to get back on the streets and jump back in the sheets, let’s not go back to normal. Let’s have better, safer sex. For everyone. Forever.”

As part of their campaign, the sexual health company conducted a thorough survey of young single people in the United Kingdom, to look at changes in their attitudes with regards to safer sex amidst the ongoing pandemic.

The Queer In The Durex Condom Ad Said He Was Being The Man His 12-Year-Old-Version ‘Needed To See’:

The man who comes from Belfast and is also starring in this new advertisement for Durex is queer in real life. Further he has done the ad with his real-life partner and has posted a heart-felt message on Instagram regarding the campaign.

The billboard featured a picture of Michael Allsopp kissing Sean Somal along with the caption: “Challenge the norms”.

In his post, Allsop shared a number of images of Somal and him striking poses in front of the billboard.

In the caption for his post, Allsop wrote the following: “I am beyond proud to be part of such an incredible campaign with such an important message.” Allsop also describes himself as a creative person.

“Breaking down the pressure and stereotypes around sex and allowing people to enjoy their bodies.”

Allsop then went on and explained the reasons behind this campaign; that it challenges heteronormative ideologies, which is specifically intense for him.

A Promise To Himself:

“Growing up in Belfast, and being from an Irish Catholic background, the words QUEER and GAY were often considered dirty words,” reads his caption.

“After a long hard battle with the internalised homophobia and sexism that I was taught from a young age; I embarked on a journey of self-acceptance, love and growth. This is when I learned how to accept myself.”

Allsop said that he vowed to his younger self, at the ripe age of 17.

“I took a vow that as I grew older I would be the QUEER that I needed to see when I was 12 years old,” he wrote. “That 12-year-old boy who was really struggling and couldn’t see a way out.  Everyday I try to present my authentic self; even though at times it has been hard or has lead to harassment.

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“Now, here I am with my love Sean on a billboard celebrating love and sex and being real,” he further added.

“Feeling very proud of myself; and I hope someone who is struggling sees this post or the ad and it helps them to hold on and fight for a brighter future.”

We have come across many such brands come forward with several different campaigns for Pride month. Definitely their efforts are applauded; but it is also important to remember that only a month’s of representation annually is not enough. Real change comes when we strive hard to eliminate heteronormative norms, every day.

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