Emirates airlines to screen Indian LGBTQ+ movie

Indian cinema is inching towards LGBTQ+ inclusive movies. Over the past few months, scripts and roles that discuss LGBTQ+ issues are surfacing across the country. Along with Bollywood, several other film industries, such as the Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada industries have picked up topics that create awareness and influence the community.

But only a few films make a large impression and ‘Evening Shadows’ is one of them. This LGBTQ+ movie is set to win hearts across the seas, thanks to Emirate Airlines.

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Evening Shadows on Emirates

Emirates Airlines announced that the movie will be aired to entertain their passengers on longer flights. Upon hearing this, the Director of the film, Sridhar Rangayan said, “It is exciting that a gay-themed film on an airline in-flight entertainment and perhaps an Indian LGBTQ+ film. It is now being aired on Emirates Airlines”

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2018 was witness to the release of Evening Shadows. It is a Hindi – language drama film, set in a small town in southern India. The story uses the traditions and societal norms of the town and twines it with a young gay man who opens about his sexuality to his mother. Surrounded by the patriarchal conservative society, the mother is scared and does not know how to react to the news about her son’s sexuality. Alongside the LGBTQ+ issues, the movie also highlights women empowerment and fighting the patriarchy.

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The film has received appreciation by a majority of the audience which has helped it transverse spaces. The main leads of the movie, Devansh Doshi and Arpit Chaudary who are not from the community have performed exceptionally well. They have managed to get under the skin of the characters. The acting is not over the top and manages to shed the right kind of light on gay relationships. But the cast does include the infamous Sushant Divgikar who is a champion of the LGBTQ+ community. He has pushed boundaries in the entertainment industry like nobody before and is also Mr. Gay India 2014.

Why Evening Shadows?

The film’s motive is to reach out to people and families and encourage them to accept the LGBTQ+ children. The depiction in the film of a woman going against the social norms to stand up for her son taps on the idea of the process of acceptance. The film is simple and heart-warming. It shows the reality of the LGBTQ+ children, who often face many hurdles. The members of the LGBTQ+ undergo challenges on an everyday basis. The challenges can range from coming out to the family to performing their gender openly. The movie’s ability to bring this into a conversation is commendable. The film helps the audience to question their mindset about the LGBTQ+ members. Thus, suggests that a better society can be created through acceptance.

‘Evening Shadows’ has made its impression on and for the Indian Cinema Industry by winning 17 international awards at numerous film festivals. It hit the screens of Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival as well. To top the sundae with a cherry, it is now available on Netflix (USA) now.

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Surprising facts about Evening Shadows

The whole situation is surprising, since the United Arab Emirates criminalizes any sex outside marriage, and it specially prohibits same-sex marriage. It is a criminal offence in the country. The legal punishment for which is prison or deportation.

It is a historic moment as the airlines, whose home is the UAE is making an attempt to create awareness and normalise the community. It is a clear indication that the world is slowly changing and accepting all sections of society, without forcing heteronomy. The influence of the Supreme Court’s passing of section 377 has maybe made matters better.

The movie not only surpassed the UAE laws, but it is also a child-friendly film. This means that families as a whole can watch the movie. The declaration helps to beat the taboos that surround the community. It could also help children or parents to come out to their families with lesser hesitation.

Laudco Media is proud to be the Digital Media Partner for the film and is happy for the association with a movie of this caliber. With such a progressive stance by Emirates, one can hope for more companies to follow. So that we can hope for a more diverse and inclusive space for a better tomorrow.

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The world is growing and our horizons have to expand with it. The entertainment industry has a bigger reach and is consumed by a wide variety of audience. Thus movies and popular actors can bring change faster.

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