Evian Delivers Hilarious Response to Homophobia and Gay Representation

Evian Delivers Hilarious Response to Homophobia and Gay Representation

One must be a different type of homophobic to tag a bottle of water, gay. I mean, the LGBT+ community probably does not have issues with products being designed gay or straight. But to have issues with queer representation on a bottle of water? Are we running out of real issues to worry about? The climate change maybe?

Evian, the French bottled water company changed the design on their cover. And their new one features a cute queer couple holding hands. This is a part of their ‘Prestige’ range which launched last year. Delivers Hilarious Response to Homophobia and Gay Representation
Image Courtesy: Pink News

The Bottle is Out and Homophobia Spills

As soon as the bottle was out, the homophobes came crawling in. Pink News also stated that the brand received immense homophobic backlash. A few denounced the brand while others just straight-up want the bottles gone. But they all have one common ground. Evian promotes homosexuality.

Homosexuality is not a belief, it’s not a lifestyle choice, and it’s not something that can be imposed on others. It is not prescriptive and neither is it disciplinary. So why are homophobes so afraid of homosexuals? And why are they stressed over a bottle cover?

We have seen straight people on covers of almost, everything, and yet LGBT+ representation makes news and calls for comments and opinions. Why? Especially in this case, since it has been a whole year since the bottle came out!

But seems like Evian has had enough. Forget the homophobic comments, Evian’s snapback at the homophobes is insanely funny!

Evian Claps Back!

But what initiated this? A viral video on Twitter! A user went on and on complaining about the design on the bottle before he threw it into a bin. He (obviously) spoke about the gay propaganda and how it is being forcefully “imposed” because it is stocked on the shelves of stores.

The bottle design simply shows two queer men walking by the Bastille. Which is located in a place often perceived as the gay district in Paris’, Le Marais.

And the design is one of the twelve designs made by the graphic artist, Tiffany Cooper. The French Bottled water company decided to show different Parisians in different notable landmarks, shopping neighbourhoods, and south banks.

The Class is in Session

Of course, his video also attracted the LGBT+ community and its allies. And they decided to give him a piece of reality.

His tweet had over 1400 shares, and yet people took their time out to tell the Twitter user what is what.

A user commented, “Homophobes, they are so fragile”.

Another one said, “Ouch, we are in 2019 and this guy is still living in the Middle Ages!”.

But all of that rendered moot when the brand itself decided to respond to him. Evian decided to bring on the Dancing ASCII Man meme and nailed homophobia on its head. They pushed out this minimalistic art piece and it is pure gold.


A partial population is homophobic, and the LGBT+ community has made its terms with it. But wasting water, a plastic bottle, and money is no sensible way to display the homophobia.

LGBT+ pro advertisements

Many brands have begun to show their support to the LGBT+ community. And their smallest gestures are appreciated. But not all brands respond to their homophobic customers since they are afraid to lose business or even be perceived as an LGBT+ brand/company. But Evian clearly isn’t the type. They stand by the LGBT+ community openly.

Evian’s bottles reflect the LGBT+ community in France and the design is simplistic and adorable. For people to see that as “wishing to destroy the traditional family” also shows how orthodox the country is. Gay Times said, “The reply has received over 240,000 likes and 80,000 retweets, far outweighing the original tweet.” Bye-bye, haters!

The French bottled water company, however, did address the matter in a more civil manner as well. They said, in a press release last year, Evian said the drawings were “not intended to promote anyone”. And according to Gay Times, the company even provided assurance that the brand was “open and respectful of everyone and representative of the company without barriers.”

Returning to the response, if it weren’t for Evian, the LGBT+ community and its allies were all ready to break the man out of his illusion. We found these beautiful responses to him. Here are the honorable mentions.

This one reads “It’s falling” according to Google Translate.


Google Translated: This is you

Translated to, “Hey you dropped it” followed by “I bring you this”

One final one, the subtlety in this one hurts.

You kids out there getting savage! What a rebuttal that was. Homophobia needs to die out, and hopefully, this takes us one step closer to inclusive living and acceptance.




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