Family Of Trans Model Maya Haddad Refuse To Take Part In Funeral

Family Of Trans Model Maya Haddad Refuse To Take Part In Funeral

Maya Haddad had a hard time coming out to her family as a trans woman. At the age of fifteen, she told her parents. And nearly a decade later she represented her country in the Miss Trans International Beauty Pageant. Lately, there was news that the trans model committed suicide. The reason being her that she has suffered greatly because of her family’s disownment after transitioning at the age of 15.

What worse is that the family refuses to take part in the funeral arrangements.

The trans model turned activist.

Image of maya haddad/ trans model
Image courtesy: Planet Transgender

Maya Haddad took part in the Miss Trans International Beauty Pagent. The trans model also represented her country Israel at the pageant that was held in Barcelona. She was not only into modeling. But she also played a crucial role in the country’s first LGBT+ strike in 2018. The strike saw an unaccountable amount of Israelis demonstration for a day. It fought against the continuing violence towards the trans community. Hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ people have increased by 54 percent that year. Maya Haddad was involved in many such activities.

Her family did not accept her when she transitioned to a woman. She faced a lot of problems from that side and did not know how to cope with it. In doing so, she committed suicide. The reason is not really known but that she suffered greatly cause of her family’s disownment.

Even though her family was not very supportive in her coming out. She had many friends and colleagues that have many nice things to say about her.

Friends and colleagues have many praises to tell.

A friend of the trans model, Maya had some things to say about her at the funeral. She mentioned how nobody helped Maya in her life and how they did not support her. But she believes that Maya is now in a better place.

She added saying, “I hope we are able to say goodbye to you in a way that respects you and your friends. In the end, we were her only family, in the end, she was our sister,”

Some friends sais that they would remember her in her good things and in her happy moments.

“You can’t say anything bad about her, there was no drop in her evil.”

There were many others that also had some nice things to say about her and how she was. Veso Golden represented Ghana in Barcelona said that Maya’s beauty was cut short. She says how welcoming and friendly she was.

City council member and LGBT portfolio holder Itai Bronze also had something to say at the funeral. He says it is unfortunate that there is a chain of trans people who nd their lives so young. And they do it in such a tragic way. Maya is the latest in that chain. He also mentions how there is a constant struggle to be who they are. Most are estranged from their families. They need to survive against the abusive and violent society. Moreover, the government can not be counted on.

The Tel Aviv municipality also expressed their sadness. They said that they are working to give the trans community a hand and a home. He added, “Until the Israeli government does not give high priority to promoting the most disadvantaged population in the country, there will be no real solution Disasters like the one that happened this morning. ”

The family refused to attend the funeral.

Picture of Maya Haddad/ trans model
Image courtesy: News1 English

Maya’s inner circles’ friends said that the family refused to contact her and haunted her throughout her life. Moreover, they refused to take part in the funeral arrangements and did not even want to attend the funeral. The family did not even agree to do an autopsy. They wanted no part in her burial. It is really sad to know that a 27-year-old is abandoned by her family in the time of need.

The funeral then became the responsibility of the pride center to be a private event in the trans community. Levy, a friend of Maya wanted to make it clear that there was no support from the family. The family is estranged, persecuted and does not recognize their children. This is exactly what brings a person into a very difficult mental state. She thinks it is high time that parents take responsibility for their children no matter their sexuality. We all can live a full and beautiful life if families support their children. Things would be easier. She adds saying, “We all need to learn that a child does not come with a swap note.”

According to News1News Maya was buried as a woman. The police secured the place of protest and violence. They hoped that they were able to say goodbye in a way that respects Maya. It is a real tragedy to see someone so young harm themselves. But it is even worse when there is no one by your side at a time like this. She was a good person as said by her friends. She had no drop of evil in her. We hope she rests in peace.

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