Family Throws Gayceañera Party For Sons Coming Out

Family Throws Gayceañera Party For Sons Coming Out

Most kids around the world have huge issues when coming out to their families. Parents are super conservative when their son or daughter explains to them their sexuality. While some parents are in complete denial others turn to aggression and other measures to lead their kids on the right path. There are some out there that are scared to come out to their families. And when they do, the reactions are different. Some parents are extremely supportive. And some may even throw a Gayceañera party.

Like Aiden is one of those very few lucky kids that celebrated his coming out with his parents.

A party to celebrate sons coming out.

image of a rainbow cake/ gayceañera
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Initially, it is hard for every parent to know that his son is gay. Aiden’s parents Heidi Irene and Terry Trammell had a similar reaction. Heidi reacted by looking up ideas on how to be a parent-support ally to her son. When she heard about Aiden’s sexuality, Heidi wanted to do something to make him feel welcomed and loved.

On Aiden’s 15th birthday the parents decided to throw a gayceañera for their son. The event was organized at an Italian Restaurant called Glenn Burnie at Maryland.

What inspired her to do so was the blogs she had read. She read blogs that talked about the theme of gay people having to come out over and over again. Whereas straight people never have to come out.

That is when she decided that throwing a party would be better to let everyone know at once. So that her son does not have to explain to too many people. Heidi explains, “I thought to myself, I suppose that’s why people have coming out parties, so they can do it all at once and not have to come out as often.”

A Gayceañera for their loving son.

Aiden at his party/ gayceañera
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A quinceañera is inspired by a traditional coming of age party for Latin girls who are turning 15. It is a common celebration in Spanish speaking countries. The event is celebrated to mark a girl’s transition from childhood to young adulthood. The ceremony varies from country to country. But it usually involves the girl wearing a beautiful dress. She is then presented at a public banquet. There was a special cake and there was dancing with friends and family. Heidi got inspired to throw a Gayceañera which is a queer twist to the quinceañera.

After searching on the internet for ideas she came up with the thought of having a gayceañera for her son’s 15th birthday party.

The party was extravagant. Heidi and Terry took no steps back in preparing for this party. They went all out with the theme.

Aiden stepped out in a vibrant rainbow suit at the Sunset Restaurant and Lounge they had booked at Glen Burnie. Moreover, they had arranged for gymnasts that ended up dancing around the carpeted floor. There were twirling rainbow ribbons and rainbow table cloths. They also had Pride-printed cocktail napkins and paper straws dotting the tables. The couple also decided to have cake. This was no ordinary cake. The chefs in the kitchen cracked more than 50 eggs and countless food-dye bottles to bake a pride-themed rainbow cake.

The family ran a photo booth. And an Aiden trivia quiz was also held at the party. “One of the first things I would hope everyone could take away, in the simplest form, was joy,” Heidi continued.

A night of love and support.

Picture of Aiden at his coming out party /gayceañera
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All they wanted was their son to be able to tell everybody about his sexuality and not have to hide about the same. All of Aidens frinds and fmaily had come together to celebrate his gayceañera. During the night, Heidi thanked all her loved ones for showing Aiden their support. She was also thrilled to mention to the LGBTQ community that Aiden is now a part.

The event also showed support to young people who attended. Heidi wanted them to know that there are safe spaces where they can be themselves.

There was a lot of support not only from the attendees but also from the servers and patrons. They came up to Heidi to tell them their stories of how they have not been accepted at one point. Or stories of how their brothers suffered from less than supportive parents.

She also had people just coming up to her to thank her for being a good parent. The room was filled with hugs and loads of love for the parents and of course Aiden. A friend of the family described the evening on Facebook: “To see so many people fill a room with unconditional love and support gives me such hope for the future!”

It is hard to come out to the family. But when the family is as accepting as Terry and Heidi, a child could never be happier to tell their parents or people surrounding him the truth.

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