First Legally Wed Trans Couple Sets Milestone In Kerala

First Legally Wed Trans Couple Sets Milestone In Kerala

India is slowly inching towards a better acceptance of the LGBT community. A testament to this is the first legally wed transgender couple in Kerala who got married under the Special Marriage Act with blessings from their families.

The couples Surya and Ishaan K Shaan made what seemed like only a dream a year ago, official today. Surya was beautifully decked in bridal wear and accepted Ishaan as her life partner with the blessings and love from their parents. People from the transgender community were present there to celebrate the day.

When your love is true Religion and Gender are no bar. 

Ishaan, a 33-year-old, underwent female-to-male surgery, tied the knot with 31-year-old Surya, who had undergone male-to-female surgery. Both Ishaan, a Muslim, and Surya, an upper-caste Hindu Nair, had blessings of their families.

Surya had come out as a trans woman in 2000 when Kerala still looked down upon LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer) rights. She fought through all odds and has successfully become an actor and a transgender activist. Ishaan, growing up in a conservative household, had to go through a lot of hostility to assert his identity.


“This is such a huge step for the trans community,” says Jagadish Babu, who came from Kovalam to attend the wedding. “No one should think that the transgender community should be denied happiness or opportunities to live like anyone else. This is indeed a big step forward,” reported The News Minute. 

FSOG wishes the happy couple a lifetime a happiness and love.


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